Post Office may go on strike as workers ‘willing’ to take action

UK industrial action: What strikes are coming up?

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Andy Furey the assistant secretary of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) has said Post Office workers are “willing to take further action” over a pay offer dispute. He said the Post Office, which is a Government-run company, of not give “due regard” to its workers.

On Tuesday, a hearing with MPs on the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy committee took place, in which Mr Furey said the Post Office may be facing strike action over issues with workers’ pay.

He said: “We have now conducted two ballots for strike action and on both occasions, there have been over 90 percent ‘yes’ votes.”

Mr Furray has said he has written to Nick Read, the Post Office CEO, to arrange a meeting to resolve the pay despite, but said Mr Read had “refused to engage in negotiations directly.”

He said: “We’ve offered to call off the action should that meeting get off the ground,

“Clearly it is not an issue of affordability, particularly as Nick Read himself doubled his income last year to £850,000 from the previous year.”


In the same committee meeting, the CWU, spoke out against the Royal Mail and accused the company of “waging war” against its own workers.

Dave Ward, the general secretary of the CWU, said to the Commons committee that the Royal Mail was using a “punishment charter” in order to intimidate workers who had gone on strike.

He said: “We’ve never seen this level of demoralisation, which we say is deliberately being done to force people out of their jobs.

“We’ve had disputes in the past but it’s never been as bitter.”

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Mr Ward said that when striking staff went back to work Royal Mail has targeted them, and used “psychological warfare to make the job not worth it. To force people out and replace the workforce.”

The union leader alleged that Royal Mail management had denied workers normal levels of overtime and that workers had been “threatned” by bosses”

Mr Ward also said the Royal had suspended “over 200” union members and representatives.

He said: “In our view many of those charges were fitted up to target and intimidate people.”

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The union leader also told MPs that the CWU was “still not confident we are in a place that we can reach an agreement” with the Royal Mail after the post office strikes in 2022.

He said: “The union will be reballoting members [about strike action].

“This is the most brutal attack on any group of workers the UK has seen in decades.

“It is a fight for every postal worker’s job.”

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