Pothole protester divides opinion with rude graffiti on village road

GB News Eamonn Holmes furious at potholes in UK roads

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Villagers are divided over the actions of a protester who has sprayed expletive-laden graffiti on a road to highlight the number of potholes. The messages appeared in Ancaster, Lincolnshire, over the weekend and included wording such as “Fix me, I’m f*****”, “Do me again”, and “I’m bored now”.

The identity of the street painter is a mystery, with some people in the village speculating it may be a teenager and others thinking it is just someone who is fed up with lorries making their home shake when they go past.

Ancaster parish council chairman David Sayer told “Clearly the wording and graphics of the graffiti are not what we want to see in a family village, however the sentiment and frustration we do share and it has proven to further highlight the issue.


“There is frustration when repair crews arrive and fill in a few of the holes in an area and then leave with the majority of holes unfilled.”


The councillor added: “Ermine Street is a regular ambulance route from Grantham to Lincoln Hospital and we regularly have speeding ambulances go past with blue lights, how they cope with the potholes is something we can only imagine, but not pleasant I am sure.

“We do also have a lot of HGV vehicles that use Ermine Street from local quarries, recycling centres and building sites, which does not help the pothole situation and we are in the early stages of raising a petition to request an advisory weight limit through the village.”

Local resident Brita Bevis asked: “What’s more shocking? The words or the state of the road?”

And Carlie Baxter said: “I think the graffiti was amusing but I do think that parents of children would not want them to see the bad language.

“I think it has peaked people’s interest in the state of the road and that’s a good thing re: pushing for repairs.”

Adam Thorpe said: “The repairs are scheduled for March or so our councillor has said.

“Some bright spark decided to spray paint profanities on the road which meant that the council had to spend money covering that before more children were exposed to it.

“Not that the ‘artist’ can be more than a child themselves.”

Lincolnshire County Council has now removed the graffiti from the road.

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Richard Davies, executive member for highways at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “The damage to the road surface has become worse over the recent very cold snap, with some temporary repair works being lifted out of the holes as traffic drove over them.

“We have a crew going to site as soon as possible to make further temporary repairs to the parts worst affected.

“These works were measured up and ordered before the graffiti happened and when our officers went on site to do this, they were met with verbal abuse – which is something we will absolutely not tolerate.”

He says the clean-up operation to remove the graffiti had also diverted “vital funds” needed for repairs.

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