Pregnant woman fears for baby’s health in mouldy ‘cesspit’ home

A mother-to-be said she fears for the health of her baby as she described the condition of her home as “living in a crack den”. 23-year-old Natea May-Griffiths claimed the home she is renting is riddled with mould and, despite complaining to her housing association, Platform Housing, she hasn’t received any help. The condition in her rented home in Worcester is so bad she would “rather be homeless” than have her baby in that flat, the future mum added.

Ms May-Griffiths, who is 16-week pregnant, moved into a property in Worcester costing her £400 a month in 2018.

The mum-to-be complained she has mould growing in several places in her home, and putting on the heating makes her apartment smell “like stagnant wee”.

The mould issue is so extensive, Ms May-Griffiths said, she had to “chuck my sofa out as it was covered in mould, rip my mouldy carpet up and chucked my bed out and slept on my mattress for two years”.

Her flat, she also said, is “never nice and clean” due to the mould, which leaves her feeling “dirty and ashamed”.

As a consequence, she prefers not to invite over her family and she “hates people coming around”. 

Ms May-Griffiths, who has previously suffered three miscarriages, is concerned for the health of her future child, to whom she referred as a “rainbow baby”.

She said: “I’ve told them that I’m pregnant and that I’m high risk category due to the number of miscarriages that I’ve had.

“I call this baby the rainbow baby because there is always a rainbow after the storm.

“I just don’t want to live in a property with mould in with a baby. I also don’t want to be here while I’m pregnant.”

Ms May-Griffiths is unemployed and can’t afford to move out of her mould-riddled home and rent privately. 

She said to have told the council she needs to be moved out and “rip the place apart”.

Describing her living situation, Ms May-Griffith said: “It’s like living in a crack den. I pay money each week for a mouldy cesspit.”

She also said: “I started with a leak in my bathroom floor. The overflow pipes were too big and overflowing with water. They came out and bodged that.

“It’s been leaking since I moved in, no one would believe me, they said it was just water leaking over when I was having a shower. 

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“I’ve got mould growing in my hallway, behind radiators, they told me to clean it myself. Being pregnant I don’t want to be touching chemicals or the mould.

“If I put my heating on it smells like mould. It smells like stagnant wee, that’s how I describe it.”

The young mum-to-be claimed that, after the leak first happened, she was told to turn the water off and don’t have a shower.

She continued: “They wanted me to go around my mum’s and have a shower – but she’s a 10 or 20 minute drive away depending on the traffic.”

Among other issues noticed by Ms May-Griffiths, the home presents floorboards “bowing upwards so when I open my oven hot food falls out”. 

She added: “I’ve got loose wires hanging out of my wall for my fire alarm. Those wires are live and I don’t want my two dogs to catch them”.

Ms May-Griffiths, who said she frequently wakes up with headaches and a cough for which the mould may be culpable, added she would like to see her flat repaired or to be moved somewhere safer.

Steve Summerfield, external contracts manager at Platform Housing Group, said: “We are sorry to hear our customer’s concerns. We are undertaking a survey this week and in touch with the customer.” has contacted Platform Housing Group and Worcester Council for further comment.

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