Prince Andrew should not use HRH title ‘ever again’ – YOUR VERDICT

Prince Harry ‘takes the heat off’ Prince Andrew says Lorraine

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Prince Andrew was stripped of his military titles and royal patronages last year, and the late Queen Elizabeth II also ordered the Duke of York to stop styling his name as “His Royal Highness” in an official capacity. Andrew reportedly would like to use his HRH title again, but a staggering 83 percent of readers are against him using it, a new poll has found.

Andrew is said to have “reached an understanding” with King Charles III to pursue some business interests and would like to have his HRH status restored.

In a column for the Daily Mail, Ephraim Hardcastle wrote that Andrew is “perplexed” about his HRH status but acknowledges he will not return to his duties as a senior royal and will not have his patronages returned.

A source told Mr Hardcastle that the King is resisting formally announcing a change to Andrew’s royal status, claiming it is “more likely that he will just start using it again in a low-key way to test the waters – should he get the King’s consent.”

The Queen allegedly gave Andrew her blessing to use his HRH title “privately”. An unnamed source said he successfully convinced his mother, telling The Telegraph: “She was always in his corner and he had her ear, of that there was never any doubt. He was not stripped of the title and was still able to use it privately. He talked her around and she agreed.”

In a poll that ran from midday on Thursday, January 19, to 10am on Wednesday, January 25, asked readers: “Should Andrew be allowed to use HRH title again?”

Overall, 12,610 votes were cast with the vast majority of readers, 83 percent (10,433 people) answering “no” against Andrew using his HRH title.

Whereas 16 percent (2,038) voted “yes” in support of the honour being restored, and a further one percent (139 people) said they did not know either way.

Hundreds of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers shared their thoughts on Andrew’s HRH title.

Most readers commented against Andrew having his HRH status restored, with username manxiecat commenting that “he should not be able to use the HRH title ever again”.

Username Yackyda said: “Absolutely not. He’s made his choices, it’s too late now.”

Another, username williamwp wrote: “He is not a working royal, so no he should not have the HRH title.”

Similarly, username Doingavoctor said: “As he is not carrying out any official duties what does he need HRH except for his own ego?”


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Meanwhile, username Cherb said: “If he wants his HRH title back for monetary gains then no, if he wants it back just so the British taxpayer pays for his security then no again. However, if he wants to work within the Royal Family then maybe.”

Other readers thought Andrew should be given his HRH status again, with username justmy2cents commenting: “Yes, absolutely. Our past Queen was right in removing his titles when the case was ongoing, but he has taken it on the chin and has shown his loyalty to the Crown. Show him the respect he deserves and allow him to once again use his title.”

And username hc49 said: “Yes…Prince Andrew may not be everybody‘s cup of tea but I don‘t think he deserved the treatment he got.”

Username histrionicnarcissist added: “Only if he’s a working royal.”

Andrew stepped back from royal duties in November 2019 after his Newsnight interview revealed his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein. His accuser Virginia Giuffre subsequently launched a civil sexual assault case against him which was settled out of court. Andrew has always denied any wrongdoing and his lawyers state his financial settlement did not equal admission.

The Queen’s second son has been living a private life, and royal expert Kinsey Schofield told that he should “explore a hobby” instead of fighting to get his title back.

She said: “Where is Prince Andrew going to use his HRH title? The grocery store? Andrew should not have been associating with Jeffrey Epstein. He can tell every pigeon he meets that he is His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, but they won’t care.

“His career as an ambassador for the Royal Family or British people is effectively over. It’s time to explore a hobby. Or maybe he could write a book and call it, ‘Spare’.”

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