Prince Andrew ‘threatening’ King’s Coronation with ‘selfish’ refusal

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Prince Andrew could “threaten” King Charles’s Coronation as he reportedly refuses to move out of his home in Windsor. The disgraced Duke has told his friends he will not be able to afford the upkeep at Royal Lodge when his annual grant of £249,000 is slashed in April, the MailOnline reports. Andrew is said to pay just £250 a week for the 30-room mansion he shares with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. But he could be forced out under King Charles III’s plans to cut royal costs of a number of members of the Royal Family.

Over the years Andrew is said to have spent around £7.5million renovating the property.

Biographer and journalist Tom Bower branded his refusal to move as “selfish” saying it could “threaten” King Charle’s reputation and Coronation in May.

He said: “He thinks that he can brazen out the bad predicament he himself created. By issuing threats, he is playing with fire.

“The King’s best solution is to force Andrew out of the vast house, accept much more modest accommodation and persuade him that his bid for rehabilitation is pointless – and in the end will be self-destructive.

“Not only for himself but also his two daughters.”

Andrew reportedly told friends he may struggle to maintain the upkeep of the home without money from the King.

An insider told The Mirror: “He said he’s not leaving, there is no chance that will happen and even if the King wanted him how would that work?

“If he (the King) wants to spend millions reimbursing him for the money he’s already spent on the property, that’s another matter.

“Could you imagine a situation where the Duke threatens to sue his brother, the King, over money. It would be unthinkable.”

In 2003, Andrew signed a 75-year lease on the property, which has a swimming pool and 98 acres of land.

The Duke stopped receiving public money when he was forced to step down from royal duties following sexual abuse allegations by Virginia Giuffre, which he denies.

In February 2022, he agreed to an out-of-court settlement with Ms Giuffre, estimated to be around $12million.

The settlement was not an admission of liability.

Last June Sarah Ferguson purchased a £5million property in Belgravia as an “investment”.

But a source told The Sun all talk about moving a tenant in “has suddenly all gone quiet” amid the reports they could be forced out of their Windsor home.

“They are looking to keep it empty to use themselves,” the insider said.

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