Prince Andrew’s Royal Lodge assets could be seized by Bailiffs if loses civil sex case

Prince Andrew to go 'full throttle' at Virginia Giuffre says Attorney

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Prince Andrew’s assets from his £30million Royal Lodge could be seized, a lawyer has claimed. The 62-year-old has now stated he wants a trial by jury over the claims by Virginia Robert Giuffre that he raped her. Ms Giuffre, aged 38, has claimed in her lawsuit she was “forced to have sexual intercourse with Prince Andrew against her will”.

One of the offences against Prince Andrew is rape in the first degree.

Ms Giuffre said she was procured by Prince Andrew’s friend Ghislaine Maxwell as a teenage “sex slave” for Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Andrew has vehemently denied all of Ms Giuffre’s claims.

Ms Giuffre is liable to receive millions if she wins the civil case.

It has been reported that Andrew has had to sell his £17million ski chalet in the Swiss alps to avoid having it seized should he lose the case.

Andrew currently lives in Royal Lodge, a Grade II listed house in Windsor Great Park in Berkshire, England. The house is not owned by him.

Now, lawyer Arick Fudali, who has worked closely with victims of Mr Epstein said Prince Andrew could have his assets seized if he loses.

Mr Fuali spoke to The Sun and said: “There is a method and procedure for seizing assets, even overseas assets, in the event there is an award of damages and the defendant tries to avoid paying.

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“This could include seizing bank accounts, physical property, etc.

“Assuming for the sake of this question that there is an award of damages against Prince Andrew, he would be able to avoid the seizure of assets by posting a bond pending the inevitable appeal.

“Assuming the appeal goes in favour of Ms Giuffre, Prince Andrew would either have to pay the amount owed, settle the matter for another amount, or risk his assets being seized.”

Prince Andrew vehemently denies the claims made by Ms Giuffre and has signalled his determination to fight the case.

It is unclear how Prince Andrew manages to fund his lavish lifestyle.

He receives a £249,000 yearly allowance from Buckingham Palace and a pension of £20,000 from the Royal Navy.

He is known for his collection of luxury cars and owns a Bentley worth £220,000.

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