Prince Charles and Camilla keep comments closed on Kate’s birthday message amid backlash

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Prince Charles and Camilla quickly followed the Queen’s lead this morning and published on social media a message dedicated to Kate’s 39th birthday. The two leading royals, through their Twitter account Clarence House, said: “Happy Birthday to The Duchess of Cambridge!”

The tweet included a picture of Kate smiling during a visit to the Old English Garden at Battersea Park.

This cheerful message was shared as Clarence House continues to give the chance to reply to its tweets only to accounts it follows or mentions.

This means royal fans – and their critics too – are currently not able to comment on the content shared by Charles and Camilla’s social media page.

However, social media users can still retweet Clarence House’s messages and then comment them. 

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Clarence House’s Twitter account first limited the possibility to reply on November 24.

The palace did not comment on the reason behind this move.

The couple appears to have started experiencing an increased number of hate comments in mid-November, shortly after the fourth season of The Crown was released.

Despite the show being released months ago, Charles and Camilla are still being criticised by many Twitter users explicitly mentioning The Crown or events it portrays in their messages.

One tweeted on January 7 wrote: “If Prince Charles was/is really like how he’s portrayed in The Crown, girl bye it’s a no from me”. 

On the same day, another wrote: “The more I watch The Crown the more I hate Prince Charles”.

A third Twitter user wrote on January 6: “Yes, I watched The Crown and I’m cross with Prince Charles. He shouldn’t be king his sister should get the throne. There”.

Another wrote on Christmas Day: “I hated Prince Charles and Camilla before season four of The Crown and the recent podcasts I’ve indulged in, but now I LOATHE them. I just saw their Christmas card and I am irrationally angry”.

The latest 10 episodes of the popular Netflix show heavily focus on Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s marriage and his affair with Camilla. 

Many royal experts have said the show is portraying falsehoods and a heavily dramatised version of real-life events.

They have also warned the lavish production of The Crown may induce the public to think what is being portrayed on screen is true.

Royal author Sally Bedell Smith had warned days before this season was released the show could be particularly damaging for Camilla who, over the past 15 years, have gained the love and admiration of many royal fans despite her past affair with the Prince of Wales.

The royal author previously told Vanity Fair: “Charles and Camilla have come a long way with all their hard work, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Camilla, in particular, has transformed herself from a woman scorned to someone widely admired for her charitable work and respected for assuming her royal role with a genuine commitment.

“People have come to regard her as a good egg, and to accept the idea of her being Queen Consort.

“Because viewers believe incorrectly that The Crown is true, this season, in particular, could undo all the good feelings about Charles and Camilla and resurrect the hostility from two decades ago.

“It will also reinforce the false mythology that Diana was the sainted victim.” 

Speaking about the falsehoods portrayed in The Crown, Ms Bedell Smith also said it is widely believed Charles and Camilla interrupted their relationship between 1981 and 1986 rather than remaining lovers throughout his marriage with Princess Diana as portrayed in The Crown.

Claiming her research on Prince Charles has led her to believe he was committed to making his marriage with Diana work, the author added about the creator of The Crown: “Peter Morgan has created his own personal narrative of Charles and Camilla’s relationship that is largely fictional.”

Other royal watchers have called on Netflix to issue a health warning before every episode of The Crown in which it would clearly state the show is a work of fiction.

Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer and Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden also weighed in with these calls.

However, in early December, Netflix said it has “no plans, and see no need” to add a disclaimer to the popular show.    

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