Prince Charles ‘aware’ everyone wants crown to ‘leapfrog’ to William after popularity drop

Royal commentator says ‘no one thinks Charles should be King’

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In 2011, the Prince of Wales became the longest-serving heir apparent in British history. The previous record of 59 years, two months and 13 days, was set by his great-great-grandfather, King Edward VII. Charles became heir apparent at the age of three when his mother, Princess Elizabeth, acceded to the throne on 6 February 1952.

Royal commentator Angela Mollard spoke to the Australian morning programme Sunrise hosts about Prince Charles. 

Ms Mollard said: “He’s gone to this event, the Prince’s Trust Awards, telling this story about how he went into a shop, and he had to wait for all the people to come out.”

“He said, ‘everyone was waiting to go in, but they were just trying to get me out,'”

“And he said, ‘story of my life.'”

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“And I loved that, the thing with Prince Charles is that no one actually thinks that he should be King.”

“Everybody’s wanting to leapfrog straight to William, he’s aware of that.”

She added: “He knows there are all these people lining up behind him to get his job, and at 72, he hasn’t even got his proper job yet.”

“Imagine spending 72 years in training, to do the role that you’re born for, poor man.”

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The host quipped: “Just hold tight Charles.”

Prince Charles’ lack of popularity spans back to his marital troubles with Princess Diana.

Previous to this, Charles was once quite a popular member of the royal family, especially at the time of his fairytale wedding to Lady Diana Spencer.

As Newsweek reported, historic polling data shows that 82% of UK residents polled in 1991 felt Charles would make a good king.


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By 1996, the year he and Diana finalized their split, half of his future subjects had changed their mind, leaving him with an approval rating of just 41%.

Since then, the Prince of Wales has never fully recovered.

His affair and sunbsequent marriage to Camilla Parker-Bowles exasperated the situation due to Diana’s undying popularity, but it does seem that time healed the British public’s dislike of Camilla. 

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