Prince Charles’ ‘disappointment’ with Harry’s birth as royal ‘wanted daughter’

Prince Harry ‘was the spare’ says Dickie Arbiter

The Royal Family spent their Christmas in splendid isolation following the Government placed London and the South East under Tier 4 restrictions. The Queen and Prince Philip decided to spend the day – and the whole festive period – at Windsor Castle as opposed to their regular Christmas lodgings in Sandringham. Future King and Queen consort, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, spent their day in similar seclusion, at the Prince’s Gloucestershire residence in Highgrove.

Other family members, like Prince William and Kate Middleton, also spent Christmas alone and, of course, Charles’ youngest son, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, spent it across the Atlantic, in the US.

The pair have visited the UK only a handful of times since they announced their withdrawal from The Firm in January 2020.

Harry has for years struggled against royal protocol and official life, often seen in minor spats with his father; in 2011, he erupted at his father for “getting someone else” to clean his polo boots.

His anger may be justified, according to reports, that suggest Charles was “disappointed” that Harry wasn’t a girl.

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Royal biographer Andrew Morton revealed Charles’ devastating blow, in transcripts of his and Princess Diana’s unfiltered conversation in the re-release of ‘Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words’.

Diana, Harry’s mother, said she knew the baby’s sex beforehand, but didn’t tell Charles since he had “always” hoped for a daughter.

She explained: “He wanted two children and he wanted a girl.”

When Harry was born, she claimed Charles’ reaction was, “Oh God, it’s a boy,” followed by, “and he’s even got red hair.”

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Charles went further, according to Nicki Swift, who, in a video this year, said: “Prince Charles never really stopped expressing his disappointment at the birth of his second son.”

Later on, at Harry’s christening, reports suggest that Charles, speaking to Diana’s mother, said: “We were so disappointed – we thought it would be a girl.”

Mr Morton said this statement from Charles marked the “beginning of the end of their marriage”.

When speaking to him, Diana said the weeks leading up to Harry’s birth were the “closest” she and Charles had ever been.


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On the birth, Ms Swift summarised that, “their relationship was changed forever.”

Diana herself said: “Then, suddenly, as Harry was born, it just went bang, our marriage.

“The whole thing went down the drain.”

Charles and Diana eventually separated in 1992, going on to divorce on the Queen’s orders in 1996.

 The Prince has previously insisted that he tried everything in his power to stop the marriage from crumbling.

In Jonathan Dimbleby’s bombshell 1994 documentary, ‘Charles, The Private Man, The Public Role’, the royal staunchly defended his actions during the proceedings, and said he had never wanted the marriage to sour.

He said: “It is a deeply regrettable thing to happen.

“But it does happen, and unfortunately in this case it has happened – it’s the last possible thing that I ever wanted to happen.

“I’m not a total idiot, I’m not unaware of these problems.

“As I was saying before, this business of predicting what everybody would say.

“I didn’t go into my marriage with the intention of this happening, or in any way in a cynical frame of mind.

“I’m honestly on the whole not a cynical person.

“And I sound self righteous to say this but I have on the whole tried, I think, to get it right constantly.”

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