Prince Charles faces ‘inevitable conflict’ on climate change as he ‘sticks his neck out’

Prince Charles: Humans 'intent on testing world to destruction’

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Despite developing a reputation as a renowned environmental campaigner, Prince Charles still faces accusations of hypocrisy due to his tendency to fly via private jets to attend official engagements abroad. Whilst the Prince has admitted he is “unable to fully control his carbon footprint”, a royal expert has claimed that the future king’s decades of commitment to the issue shows his “credibility and sincerity” to improving climate change. 

Royal expert Victoria Murphy told MailPlus: “Prince Charles has up to a point implemented his philosophies about the environment into the way that he leads his lifestyle.

“But I think there is always going to be an inevitable conflict between him advocating for a greener lifestyle, and then him having this life as a working royal, where he jets around the world in normal times on multiple trips a year.

“Very often his trips are on private jets, and his team have spoken about that in the past – they’ve said he chooses to stick his neck out on this issue, he’s really cared about it for a long time despite knowing that because of his position, he can’t fully control his carbon footprint.

“That does expose him to allegations of hypocrisy.”

Despite this, Ms Murphy claimed that Prince Charles had demonstrated his “credibility” by committing himself to climate change projects over several decades.

The future king has authored and co-authored several books on the topic and is a patron of several wildlife and conservation organisations. In 2020, he launched his Terra Carta initiative, which encourages business leaders to embrace a sustainable future. 

She continued: “I think what is significant about Charles’ position here is that it’s very clear that there’s nothing performative about his interest in these issues.

“He’s been doing this for a very long time, talking about these subjects for a very long time, way before it was fashionable, way before he was praised for doing so, and dedicated a huge amount of his life to these issues.

“I think that gives him a credibility and a sincerity to the way that he does this, that I think mitigates the fact that as a working royal, he is also jetting around the world.”

Prince William says Prince Charles has been on a 'hard road'

Her comments follow Prince Charles’ BBC interview earlier this week, where he warned of the “catastrophic” impact if more ambitious action wasn’t taken to resolve climate change. 

Speaking from the gardens of Balmoral, the 72-year-old Prince said he understood the “frustrations” of climate change activist groups such as Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain. 

The two organisations have wreaked havoc in recent weeks by blocking motorways, gluing themselves to roads, and disrupting public transport. 

Despite this, Prince Charles said their disruptive methods weren’t “helpful” and risked alienating members of the public. 

During the interview, he revealed that he had converted his beloved Aston Martin to run off fermented wine and cheese, in a bid to reduce his own carbon footprint. 


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When asked if he sympathised with climate change campaigner Greta Thunberg, he replied: ”Of course I do, yes.

“All these young people feel nothing is ever happening so of course, they’re going to get frustrated.  I totally understand because nobody would listen and they see their future being totally destroyed.”

He also expressed his hope that world leaders would take decisive action during the COP26 summit, rather than “just talk”. The global climate summit has been branded as the most important gathering of world leaders on the topic of the climate crisis in recent years. 

Prince Charles will attend the 12-day summit between the 1st-5th of November, along with the Queen, Camilla, Prince William, and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Both he and Prince William are expected to deliver speeches, and to host meetings with world leaders and global ambassadors. 

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