Prince Charles heartbreak: Future King warned he will have to ‘draw back’ on controversy

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The Prince of Wales will replace Queen Elizabeth II as King when the monarch will die or if she decided to abdicate. But Prince Charles, who is used to not holding back on making his opinions heard – regardless of how controversial – has been told he will have to draw back on his stances. Speaking to Channel 5 documentary ‘The Queen and Charles – Mother and Son’, former press spokesman for Queen Elizabeth II Dickie Arbiter said: “He knows that he will not be able to make these sort of pronouncements once he becomes King.

“That he will have to draw back from being a vocal opponent to various things.”

Echoing Mr Arbiter’s comments, Richard Kay, Daily Mail Editor said: “For decades we’ve been used to Charles speaking up on various things, from the environment and cultivation and all sorts of other issues.

“It’s unlikely he will be able to make these dramatic speeches that he has in the past.

“But he will still communicate with Ministers but it might have to be done a bit more subtly.”

Speaking on the same documentary, expert Penny Junor forecast the passage of power will leave Charles grappling with a “huge” degree of sadness despite the long wait to become King.

The royal expert said: “Coming to the throne, of course, it’s what he’s been preparing for his whole life, but it will also be tinged with huge sadness.

“Because it will mean that his mother is dead.”

Royal commentator Nick Bullen made a similar assessment when explaining why Prince William is in “no rush” to take on the role of King despite speculation about the Queen possibly bypassing Charles in favour of anointing her grandson as the next King.

Mr Bullen said: “William is in no rush to be the King.

“It is this weird thing you have with royals. I spoke to the Prince of Wales about this – to get that top job, you are essentially wishing your parent or grandparent to be dead.

“But if you’re in no rush to get that job because for Charles to be King his mother would have to die, for William to be King his father would have to die – nobody wants that.

“It’ll happen in due course and William is in no rush for it.”

Despite the sadness Charles is expected to experience once the Queen does pass on, Ms Junor remarked the Prince of Wales is likely to become one of the most-prepared sovereigns the UK has had in nearly a century.

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Charles is set to become the first Prince of Wales specifically trained to be King since his uncle, King Edward VIII, took on the title in 1910.

His grandfather, King George VI, unexpectedly came into the title of sovereign after Edward confirmed he would abdicate in order to marry his lover, Wallis Simpson.

While the Queen was only 10 when she became heir to the throne, she was only 25 when her father unexpectedly passed away due to cancer.

Ms Junor said: “He will be the most prepared monarch that this country has ever had.

“He’s an extraordinary force for good, not just in this country but around the world.”

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