Prince Charles to move away from ‘ribbon-cutting’ Royal Family ‘Want to make a difference’

Prince Charles wants family to ‘make a difference’ says Palmer

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Prince Charles has long been a vocal advocate for the environment and took a leading role when he stepped up to represent the Queen at the COP26 Summit last November. Richard Palmer suggested the Prince of Wales’s own strategy has been adopted by other members of the Royal Family, suggesting a move to a more outspoken commitment to social and humanitarian causes. Prince Charles had been criticised in the past for his work raising awareness about climate change but he has since been praised for his pioneering efforts.

Speaking to the Daily Express’ Royal Roundup, Mr Palmer said: “You’re also seeing the influence of the Prince of Wales which is based on a briefing [from] a long long time.

“I’ve used this phrase ‘a more muscular monarchy’.

“He wants the Royal Family to be able to make a difference and not just be a ribbon-cutting monarchy, just asking people, ‘and what do you do?’

“It’s a difficult line to tread sometimes so they don’t cross into party political issues.”


He added: “But you’ve seen it climate change and the Queen in her recorded speech to the gathering up in Glasgow was essentially calling on politicians to do their bit to save the world for future generations.”

Climate has slowly become one of the leading causes the Royal Family has been advocating for.

Prince Charles and Prince William both credited the late Prince Philip for their passion for nature and their commitment to protecting the environment.

The Duke of Edinburgh helped fund the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in 1961 and was a committed conservationist.


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He once said: “We depend on being part of the web of life, we depend on every other living thing on this planet, just as much as they depend on us.

“If we as humans have got this power of life and death, not just life and death but extinction and survival, we ought to exercise it with some sort of moral sense. Why make something extinct if we don’t have to?”

Both Prince William and Prince Harry have since taken up the baton and both have been vocal about the impact of human activity on the environment.

The Dukes also expanded the advocacy work to promote greater awareness of mental health issues both as part of their shared foundation and as individuals.


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Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge also embraced the cause of mental well-being and development, focussing her expertise on the early years.

Only last month, the Duchess embarked on a two-day fact-finding mission to Denmark with The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.

Mr Palmer suggested the visit signalled Kate is hoping “to inspire” British lawmakers to promote legislation helping children.

He added: “I think when we went to Denmark last week, the tone of her advisers were talking about hoping that the experience of her going to Denmark will inspire policymakers here to improve the starting life for all children in Britain.”

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