Prince Charles visit disrupted as Leonardo DiCaprio ‘rocks up’ at COP26 event

Leonardo DiCaprio makes an appearance at COP26

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Prince Charles’ visit to Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum was disrupted when actor and environmental campaigner Leonardo DiCaprio rocked up. The movie star has made an appearance at COP26, sprinkling the global climate summit in Glasgow with some Hollywood stardom. The Prince of Wales and the acting superstar share a commitment to raising awareness about the climate crisis.

In a video clip filmed by royal commentator Chris Ship, movie star Leonardo DiCaprio was seen chatting to some guests at Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow.

Prince Charles was also present at the gallery to explore an exhibit with fashion designer Stella McCartney.

The Prince of Wales could be seen walking along with the British designer discussing the use of recycled plastic and viscose from replanted woodchips to create accessories.

And Leonardo DiCaprio later joined Ms McCartney to also view her creations during his stay in Scotland, where he is attending COp26 as UN climate change representative.

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Leonardo DiCaprio was seen at the Kew Carbon exhibit on Tuesday at the main conference centre. 

He also took part in a fringe event on Monday.

Scottish people have expressed surprise at seeing the Hollywood superstar.

The COP26 summit is being attended by leaders from around the world.

Countries around the world are nowbeing asked for their plans to cut emissions by 2030

World leaders and delegates were hosted by Prince Charles and his eldest son Prince William at a special dinner on Monday, during which the Queen welcomed attendees with a virtual message.

Prince Charles and the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge were present at the event, while the Queen sent a video message.

Some activists have voiced their anger at the extravagance of the dinner reception.

Cat Scothorne from Glasgow Calls Out Polluters said: “How dare these world leaders have a fancy dinner on the first night of COP26, as if they have something to be proud of.

“The continued support of the fossil fuel industry by the heads of state, particularly in the global North, is killing millions of people.

“The consequences of climate change are faced by people, not in power, but those mainly in the global South and people on sites where extraction occurs, yet the perpetrators sit in luxury, insulated from it all.”


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