Prince George benefits from major privilege compared to William and Charles

Prince George and Princess Charlotte take seats at Wimbledon

The future King benefits from major privilege compared to his father and grandfather, a royal commentator has claimed.

Prince George, who is turning ten this weekend, is under less “scrutiny” than Prince William and King Charles were at his age, royal correspondent Richard Palmer has said.

Speaking on the Daily Express’s Royal Round Up on Thursday, he explained to the show’s host, Pandora Forsyth, that the Prince and Princess of Wales are far more private than Princess Diana was meaning George and his siblings are less exposed.

The news comes as it appears George’s future could diverge from that of his father and grandfather as the future King may not have to join the armed forces, as heirs have done for centuries.

Although Mr Palmer believes George will do his time in the military before taking to the throne, he thinks the little Prince does benefit from other modern-day differences.

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The Daily Express’s royal correspondent explained that, in his view, “the Monarchy’s ties to the armed forces are so intrinsic it’s very important for George to have served some time in the military”.

He continued: “When you do look back at William and Harry at the same age, and Prince Charles as he then was, at sort of ten years old, there was much more scrutiny in a way.

“There was much more press access to the family. I think Diana used to invite the press in to see the children and give regular updates.”

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, told the Sun in 2019 that Princess Diana would invite journalists to Kensington Palace for a cup of tea in a bid to make them “her supporter”.

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Mr Palmer said the Prince and Princess of Wales are “more private” people and limit how much their children are exposed to the press, coupled with changes in the law.

He added: “I think William and Kate are naturally more private people. I think William is, like Harry, scarred from his own experience of his childhood and his mother’s death, and everything that went with that, as they would say the intrusion.

“So they try to keep control of the agenda, what the public knows about their children, and obviously they’ve been aided by changes in the law but also in the oversight in the regulation of the press.”

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