Prince George will be ‘grateful’ for Charlotte’s support

Kate Middleton attends Wimbledon with George and Charlotte

Royal expert Jennie Bond has claimed that Prince George will be “hugely grateful” for Princess Charlotte’s support in the years to come.

Speaking about the close bond between King Charles and his sister Princess Anne, Ms Bond suggests that the two eldest Wales’ children will likely share an equally close bond as they grow up.

Describing Anne as the “tougher and more outgoing of the two”, the royal expert shares that Princess Charlotte appears to share Anne’s “moxie” ability when it comes to growing up alongside her own elder brother.

Prince George, who recently celebrated his tenth birthday, is just under two years older than Charlotte – a similar age difference to the King and Anne.

Former BBC royal correspondent Ms Bond told OK! magazine: “Charles and Anne were very close as children, and that relationship has remained strong.

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“They were both so young when their mother very suddenly became Queen and took on all the responsibilities that the job entailed.

“So they were thrown together, under the watch of their nannies and grandparents, during their parents’ long absences from home.

“Anne was always the tougher and more outgoing of the two and, although she has said that she fully accepted her status as second born from an early age, she certainly didn’t hesitate to boss her brother about, while also acting as his protector.”

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The royal expert added that the relationship between George and Charlotte seems to be a similar one, although she did note that their upbringing is a bit further removed from the pressures of royal life.

She continued: “George and Charlotte are enjoying a much more normal upbringing with hands-on parenting from both William and Catherine — and they also have time to get used to the idea that their parents will one day be King and Queen.

“I’m sure in years to come George will be hugely grateful for his sister’s support, she looks as if she is more than ready to help out both her brothers when needed.”

“And because the age gap between all three of the Wales children is nothing like the ten year difference between Charles/Anne and Andrew/Edward, they will help one another along as the years go by.”

Despite only just turning 10 Prince George is reportedly already “embracing” his royal responsibilities and is “ready to step up” as he prepares to one day be King.

Royal expert Dr Tessa Dunlop added that George may have “picked up on” some criticisms of the Firm and the feud with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as at his age he may be “quite mature”.

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