Prince George’s sweet nickname for his grandad Prince Charles laid bare

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The young prince calls Prince Charles ‘Grandpa Wales’, respectfully and sweetly honouring his grandad’s official title. Prince George also refers to his father Prince William as ‘Pops’, although most of the other royals simply call him ‘Will’ when in private. The 8-year-old Prince George has earned his own nickname at his school Thomas’s in Battersea, where he is known as P.G. to his classmates.

Back in 2016 in an interview with ITV, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed their eldest child called the Queen Gan-Gan, perhaps a shortened version of great-grandma.

Now he is a little older it’s not known if he has grown out of the habit.

Prince George’s younger sister Princess Charlotte has also been nicknamed by her mother.

On a visit to Northern Ireland in 2019, Kate Middleton is heard referring to her second child as ‘Lottie’ while talking to a fellow mother in the crowd.

Despite being one of the most famous married couples in the country, and future King and Queen of course, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have fairly conventional pet names for each other.

Kate has been overheard calling the Prince ‘babe’, while he calls her ‘darling’ or ‘poppet’.

The Duke of Edinburgh had a rather more unusual nickname for his wife the Queen, who he was married to for 73 years before his death in April last year.

According to royal biographer Robert Lacey, the Queen was known as ‘cabbage’ to her husband.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex may have left the Royal Family in favour of a new life in America, but they still have suitably sweet nicknames for each other.

Prince Harry simply calls his wife ‘Meg’, while Meghan Markle has shortened the name Harry to ‘Haz’ or even sometimes just ‘H’.

Prince Charles has a much more inventive nickname for his daughter-in-law however.

A source said that he refers to Meghan Markle as ‘Tungsten’, as he admires the “strength and backbone she gives Harry”.

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Prince Charles and his wife Camilla have had pet names for each other since before they were even married.

When they first dated before his marriage to Princess Diana, they began calling each other ‘Fred’ and ‘Gladys’ after characters from radio show The Goon Show.

The nicknames were infamously referenced in Netflix drama The Crown, when Prince Charles gifts a bracelet to Camilla engraved with the initials ‘GF’ just before his wedding to Diana.

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