Prince Harry and Meghan won’t return to UK ‘because she won’t curtsy’ to Kate

A leading Royal Family expert believes Prince Harry and Meghan permanently return to the UK anytime soon – because he can’t see the Duchess of Sussex wanting to curtsy to Kate.

Andrew Morton believes the relationship between the duchess and the Princess of Wales is one of the reasons the Sussexes are likely to continue their life in the United States. Morton, who wrote the book Diana: Her True Story, says the Sussexes have their own commitments in the United States.

He was discussing the likelihood of a move back to the UK on Trevor Philips on Sunday on Sky News. It was there Philips asked if he could ever see Harry and Meghan returning to Britain.

Morton responded: “What, and have Meghan Markle curtseying to Kate Middleton? I don’t think so.

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“I don’t see that as a runner. They’ve got their own lives in California. They’ve got their own set, they’ve got their own influence, and they’ve got their own companies.”

Morton was speaking days before the duke is expected to return to the UK to mark the one-year anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

Royal Highnesses bow and curtsy only to majesties, so Meghan would only have to do so to Kate once the princess becomes Queen.

Harry meanwhile explored Meghan and Kate’s fractious relationship in his autobiography, recounting how the princess, pregnant at the time with Prince Louis, said she was owed an apology from Meghan after she said Kate was suffering from “baby brain” due to her “hormones”.

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The duke shed further light on the row between Kate and Meghan over Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress, saying the incident left Meghan “sobbing on the floor”.

Morton also discussed the relationship between Harry and William. Saying Diana expected the duke could be his older brother’s wingman.

He added: “She saw Harry very much as a back up, as a wingman to William in the difficult, lonely job that he will face. Well, that hasn’t happened.”

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