Prince Harry defends Royal Family members in his tell-all memoir

Harry and Meghan ‘never take responsibility’ says Wootton

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Prince Harry has defended the Royal Family members in his tell-all memoir “Spare” as he claimed that they play a “crucial role” in it. In an interview with The Telegraph, he spoke about the Royal Family members and defended them in a way.

He told the publication the reason for putting in the bits about his family members.

He said: “Because on the scale of things I could include for family members, there were certain things that – look, anything I’m going to include about any of my family members, I’m going to get trashed for.

“I knew that walking into it. But it’s impossible to tell my story without them in it, because they play such a crucial part in it.

“And also because you need to understand the characters and personalities of everyone within the book.”

Harry added that there were some things that happened betweem him and his brother and father that he would never put in as he did not think they would “forgive” him.

He acknowleged that some felt “they will never forgive me anyway.”

His main objective in the book he claimed was for the Firm to show some “accountability” and apologise to his wife Meghan.

The book contains a series of revelations about members of his family, including Prince William, whom he claims physically assaulted him during an altercation.

While King Charles got off fairly lightly, Camilla, Queen Consort, was accused of “selling information to the press” about her first meeting with William.

Prine Harry also revealed how he begged his father “not to marry” Camilla after his mother’s death.

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The Duke of Sussex also spoke about the darkest moments in 2019.

He told The Telegraph: “I was coming back to Frogmore after Archie was born, and I would walk into the nursery and there she [Meghan] was in floods of tears, tears dripping on Archie while she was breast-feeding him.

“That was a breaking point for me.”

Harry added that he feared Meghan would be “dead” if she read all the stories that had been told about her in the press.

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