Prince Harry faces backlash for ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ with Covid latest lecture

Prince Harry comparing HIV to covid an 'easy headline' says Bell

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Prince Harry used World AIDS Day earlier this week to call for Covid vaccines to be shared across the world. The outspoken Duke of Sussex compared the Covid pandemic to the HIV/ AIDS pandemic that ravaged the world, noting the “political failure” to tackle both pandemics. However, talkRADIO royal correspondent Rupert Bell suggested that the Covid lecture from Harry was “an easy bandwagon to jump on”.

Earlier this year, at the Global Citizen Live event in New York City, Harry and Meghan urged vaccine manufacturers to share their technology to help get the world vaccinated.

He said that, while Diana was at the forefront of AIDS activism, Harry was getting “an easy headline, he always jumps on the socially right bandwagon.”

Mr Bell explained: “Harry is comparing the situation now to what happened with AIDS.

“He has accused people of not doing enough to help those countries during the AIDS pandemic 40 years ago, and he is comparing like with like.”

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The royal correspondent continued: “He has had a pop at the pharmaceutical industry before, claiming they are just interested in sorting out the richer countries because they are the countries who can pay for the vaccines.

“He has done this before, and yes, it’s a very worthy intention, but it’s an easy headline for Harry to get.

“His mother Diana was in the forefront of helping the AIDS situation. But Harry always jumps on the socially right bandwagon.”

In the letter, addressed to the WHO director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Harry wrote: “Vaccinating the world is a test of our moral character and we are experiencing a spectacular failure when it comes to global vaccine equity.

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“Similar to the AIDS crisis, we’ve yet again revealed over the past year that the value of life depends on whether you were born and/or live in a rich nation or a developing country.

“That means breaking pharma monopolies that prevent vaccines from getting to communities around the world in need.

“That means governments honouring their promises and delivering the doses that they committed.”


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He continued: “That means pursuing international pandemic agreements with strict timelines and holding each other accountable to them.

“That means treating all human lives as equal lives.”

Harry has followed his late mother’s influence in the fight against AIDS and its public stigma, even taking HIV tests live on camera.

On World AIDS Day this week, Harry spoke movingly about Princess Diana, saying she would be “deeply grateful” to the scientific community for their work in combating AIDS.

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