Prince Harry: How Meghan Markle revealed Harry personality trait – ‘No shame’

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When it comes to parenting their one-year-old son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are clearly besotted. The couple has even set up a charitable organisation in his name, Archewell, and Meghan has sponsored an animal shelter in his name. It comes as no surprise, then, that Meghan would be singing her husband’s praises in a recent interview.

When speaking about her husband, Meghan opened up on Harry’s parenting and personality, and said she was proud to be with someone who had “no shame” in advocating for others.

Discussing feminism with feminist scholar and activist, Gloria Steinem, The Duchess of Sussex said she was grateful Archie had such a positive role model to look up to in his father.

Ms Steinem said: “Well, you can be a feminist and be masculine and a guy…”

Meghan responded: “Like my husband! I love that when he just came in he said ‘You know that I’m a feminist too, right Gloria?!

“It’s really important to me that you know that.”

Meghan continued: “But you need that. And I look at our son and what a beautiful example that he gets to grow up with a father who is so comfortable owning that as part of his own self-identification.

“That there’s no shame in being someone who advocates for fundamental human rights for everyone, which of course includes women.”

Gloria, adding to the Prince Harry praise, said: “And also that he is a nurturing father.

“Because then your son will grow up knowing it’s okay to be loving and nurturing.”

Meghan replied: “Well said. I know it will mean a lot to him [Prince Harry] when I share that.”

The Duchess of Sussex met with Ms Steinem, who she called her friend during the interview, to discuss the importance of voting in the US presidential election this upcoming November.

Reflecting on the filmmaker’s conversation, Meghan wrote: “If you don’t vote, you don’t exist.

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“These words from Gloria have stuck with me since she first spoke them during this conversation.

“Since we’ve become friends, we’ve spoken of our shared beliefs surrounding women’s rights, the need for representation, and the very timely conversation surrounding voting.

“I firmly believe that we vote to honour those who came before us and to protect those who come after us.

“Ms Steinem, my friend Gloria, is one of the women I honour when I vote.”

Meghan’s involvement in politics and her campaign to encourage people to vote has caused concerns among the Royal Family, who traditionally stay away from politics.

The Duke of Sussex has, however, said he will not support his wife publicly on her campaign.

The Duchess, who has recently spoken about feeling “voiceless”, has now joined two events intended to persuade people to vote, and is expected to do much more in the coming months.

A source told the Telegraph the Duke, who cannot vote in the US, would not be speaking out on American politics as “family convention” has made it “not appropriate for him”.

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