Prince Harry in danger as Duke considered ‘damaged goods’ – and royals ‘blame Meghan’

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Prince Harry, 36, and Meghan Markle, 39, signed a deal with Netflix worth an estimated $250million (£190million). But royal commentators have warned the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are now “owned” by Netflix. Dan Wootton has also claimed the Royal Family “blame” Meghan for “damaging the royal brand”.

Speaking on True Royalty TV, Mr Wootton said: “When you sign up to a £100million deal with Netflix, they own you.”

Another commentator noted: “What they’re actually buying is the British royal brand.

“There’s a danger that he is damaged goods now.”

Mr Wootton added: “I know people in the Royal Family very much blame Meghan for this.

“Harry’s his own man, I think he has put duty to one side in exchange for cash.

“We already hear that there’s a consideration for a program on Princess Diana.

“That will very, very much upset Prince William.”

Their comments come as a new book claimed Meghan and Harry were stopped from using their royal titles by the Queen after rows during the Sandringham summit.

Royal commentators Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie have discussed claims in a new book, Battle of Brothers, by royal biographer Robert Lacey about why the Queen took away their royal titles in a professional capacity.

Speaking on the Royally Obsessed podcast, Ms Bowie said: “Another revelation, William refused to eat lunch with Harry at the Sandringham summit which is when they had to hash at the details of the Sussexes’ exit.

“Harry and Meghan acted like ‘Hollywood lawyers demanding guarantees on every single point as if it were a contractual negotiation’.

“Understandable since Meghan’s background is Hollywood so I figure that would make sense.


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“As an American, we’re more contractual.”

Reading a claim in Mr Lacey’s book, she added: “‘Queen Elizabeth II has always had a soft spot for Harry and had been delighted with Meghan but took away the Sussexes’ royal branding because she felt they became erractic and compulsive’.”

Ms Firito said: “That one stood out to me while I was reading through the revelations.

“I thought that was interesting because it was a sort of twist at the end.

“The details were carved out but it came a little bit after the initial split.”

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