Prince Harry is ‘easily led’ and ‘morphs’ depending on his partner

Prince Harry 'furiously' rewriting chapters claims Myers

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Prince Harry is “easily led” and “morphs” depending on his partner, a royal author has claimed. Duncan Larcombe described Harry as a “lost soul”, saying he has an established history of being “very much the subordinate” in his relationships. Despite appearing to be a confident “Prince Charming”, the author said that, in fact, “that’s never been Harry at all”.

Instead, Mr Larcobe said, it is “quite the reverse”.

The author, who wrote the 2017 biography ‘Prince Harry: The Inside Story’, explained: “Harry has changed and morphed depending on who he’s been dating.”

He described Harry as being “the boyfriend who’s willing to go along and meet all the friends of the new girlfriend and just tag along”.

Speaking about the royal’s relationship with Chelsy Davy – who dated the royal from 2004 to 2011, Mr Larcome said: “Harry befriended a whole group of her chums, basically he morphed into Chelsy’s friends.”

He added: “He got a girlfriend who was from Africa, and before you knew it, Harry was walking around in his bare feet, sitting by campfire, paddling by in the outbacks of Africa.”

Mr Larcombe described Harry’s next girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, as a “Bohemian society girl who dragged Harry along to the Glastonbury Rock Festival.”

The expert continued: “With Cressida, he was the Bohemian, going to music festivals dressed in brand new, expensive clothes.”

“And he sort of turned up almost like he’d been dressed by her. It’s really awkward looking. He looked ridiculous.”

“The point is he really just morphed depending on who he’s with, and that’s a worrying sign.”

Speaking about Harry’s relationship with Meghan, Mr Larcombe told Fox News: “Meghan is the driving force in their relationship, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“It’s a modern thing. But Harry has had to give up just about everything he ever had in order to make that possible for Meghan.”

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This came after Harry and Meghan released pictures of themselves taken at the One Young World Summitt in Manchester last week.

Mr Larcombe said the pictures show that “Harry is not in charge”.

Speaking generally about the Duke of Sussex’s character, Mr Larcombe said: “I think Harry’s a very lost soul and has been potentially before his mother died.

“Harry’s a great guy, but has been very vulnerable to influences. Look how influences have affected Prince Harry’s life.”

He added: “He is someone who is susceptible to being very influenced and easily led by the people around him. And I don’t see how anyone could argue against that.

“That would be the opinion of King Charles about his own son.”

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