Prince Harry lays bare how fighter jet sent after father Charles’ car

Prince Harry slams ‘campaign’ by royals to ‘undermine’ his book

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Prince Harry sent a Typhoon fighter jet in pursuit of King Charles’ car in Norfolk while training prior to his tour of Afghanistan, he has revealed in a bizarre anecdote in his new memoir, Spare. The Duke of Sussex describes “steering jets over marshy flats at ungodly speeds” near the Sandringham estate, as well as explaining how he pretended to destroy targets in a practice drill while in a Norfolk hotel room.

Harry reveals Charles – who was at the time Prince of Wales, and himself a qualified helicopter pilot – took a keen interest.

However, he stresses that residents of the village of Wolferton were not as impressed.

He wrote: ‘RAF Marham had received dozens of complaints. Sandringham was supposed to be a no-fly zone. All complainants were told: Such is war.”

Harry described a conversation with his proud father which left him feeling “buoyed by his praise”, but nevertheless needing to “get back to work”.

He explained: “I was mid-control, couldn’t tell the Typhoon to please hold on a moment. Yes, yes, darling boy, back to work. He drove off.

‘As he went down the track I told the Typhoon: New target. Grey Audi.

“Headed southeast from my position down track. Towards a big silver barn oriented east-west.

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Harry’s military career features prominently in his book, most notably his claim to have killed 25 Taliban fighters during his second tour of Afghanistan, saying he thought of them not as people but “chess pieces”.

His remark led to significant criticism, with Stuart Crawford, who served in the Royal Tank Regiment for two decades, retiring at the rank of Lieutenant Commander, telling “The claims of the number of people he claims to have killed are just appallingly poor form. It’s just not what you do.

“And then to sort of denigrate it further by saying that they were just pieces on a chessboard which had to be swept away is very dismissive of human life and I find that really disappointing.”

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Harry was deployed to Helmand province in 2007 as a forward air controller, although his first tour was cut short after an Australian magazine mistakenly broke a media embargo.

Five years later he returned, with the MoD confirming his deployment on the understanding that the media would let him get on with his job.

After being taught to fly Apache helicopters, he was deployed to Camp Bastion in southern Afghanistan, from which he operated for 20 weeks, offering helicopter support to the International Security Assistance Force and Afghan forces operating in the region.

Harry trained to fly in the front seat as mission commander but mostly operated the Apache’s sights, sensors and weapons systems.

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