Prince Harry marrying Cressida Bonas would have ‘avoided problems of Meghan Markle era’

Prince Harry 'will be careful with memoir' says Scobie

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Harry dated the British actress for two years, but the pair split amicably two years before the Duke met his future wife. Harry, 36, and Meghan, 40, tied the knot three years ago and started their royal life together, but shocked the world by stepping back as senior royals last year. In a statement, the couple said they planned to split their time between the UK and North America and become financially independent.

The pair now live in Montecito, California, where they are raising their son, Archie Harrison, two and daughter, Lilibet Diana, three months.

The Queen confirmed in February of this year that the couple would not return as working royals, after a 12-month review.

According to author and publisher Andrew Lownie, Harry would have had an easier time had he married his ex-girlfriend Cressida, claiming that leaving the Royal Family was a move pushed by Meghan.

Mr Lownie spoke to about his new book “Traitor King: The Scandalous Exile of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor” and also gave his insight into the situation around the young royals.

He said: “Just think of Harry, if Harry had married Cressida Bonas, [would] we have the problems that we have now? No.

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“They’ve both gone into exile and they’ve tried to go into a different life with the perks of the royals without any of the responsibilities.”

Prince Harry has said it was his decision to step back from royal duties and that he did it to protect his family.

He added that he had wanted to live an independent life for many years before he met Meghan.

Harry was reportedly introduced to Cressida, an actress and model, at a festival in 2012 by his cousin Princess Eugenie.

Eugenie, who is said to have supported Harry and Meghan during their royal exit, was a close friend of Cressida’s.

Harry and Cressida were reported to have split in 2014.

Mr Lownie’s new book, Traitor King, charts the highly controversial life of former King Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor, after he abdicated the throne in 1936.

The book claims the Queen’s uncle had links to the Nazis and was embroiled in a murder investigation scandal during his time as Governor of the Bahamas.

Discussing his latest work, Mr Lownie saw two parallels between Meghan and the Duke of Windsor’s American wife, Wallis Simpson.

First, Like the Duchess of Sussex, Wallis was divorced when she married into the Royal Family.

Second Mr Lownie said both women were “Americans with no sense of traditions or understanding of the British way of life or the monarchy.”

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Unlike Meghan who engages in charity work and philanthropy Wallis was a very different character. 

He claims Edward and Wallis were not just “unwitting pawns” playing into the Germans’ hands but were “actively engaged” with them.

Mr Lownie said Wallis had a huge influence on the Duke of Windsor, including his efforts at negotiating peace with Germany during World War II.

He said: “She was the driving force, she controlled him, he liked that, she was the boss, I think that was true in both their private life and in his public life.

“He wanted to prove to her that he could do something, that he could be a player, but she of course encouraged that.

“She was equally pro-German, she befriended [Joachim von] Ribbentrop before the war, some people even say she had an affair with him.

“They both shared very similar views and ambitions. She just basically supported him in all these things and perhaps drove him further on.

“I think a more sensible woman would have reigned him and said you can’t intrigue against your brother [King George VI] and the Crown. But she didn’t have any of those things.”

Traitor King is available via Bonnier Books.
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