Prince Harry not used to ‘anyone answering him back’, says expert

Prince Harry: Memoir ‘won’t be last word’ says author

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Prince Harry didn’t expect Sasha Walpole, the woman who claims to have taken his virginity, to go public following the release of his tell-all memoir, Spare, claims Angela Levin. “He is not used to anyone answering back with their truth,” the royal biographer wrote on Twitter, adding: “Perhaps it’s a lesson that he can’t just go round crushing whoever he likes without retaliation.” In his book, Harry goes into intimate detail about his first sexual encounter with an unknown woman.

Harry describes losing his virginity as an “inglorious episode”, recalling how his partner was an “older woman” who “liked horses, quite a lot”.

“[She] treated me not unlike a young stallion”, he continued, noting that the encounter took place “in a grassy field behind a busy pub”.

“Quick ride, after which she’d smacked my rump and sent me to graze.”

The revelation compelled Sasha to publicly address the time she allegedly took the Duke’s virginity.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, the 43-year-old digger driver said she wanted to “hide” when Harry’s book came out.

She said: “It’s been a bit of a whirlwind week, and hopefully it’s a means to an end and I can get back, and back to normality, go back to work, drive my digger – hide back under my rock.

“I didn’t think it would hit the headlines like it did. At first I was a bit like, ‘no, just hide, it will be fine, it will go away like it has done in the past’.

“Suddenly you realise that it’s getting closer, your world is getting smaller. A lot more people are talking about it. Friends from back home are getting questioned, accused.”

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Sasha also opened up about the “secret” night with the Duke of Sussex and claims that he’s “not the boy that I remember”.

During the TalkTV interview, Piers asked Sasha: “This is a guy who’s 16th in line to the throne of this country, talking about losing his virginity to you.

“You think he should have had the manners to just let you know? What do you think of Meghan Markle, his bride? You share a lot in common.

Sasha retorted: “Yeah we do, we both refer to him as ‘H’.”

Harry losing his virginity is one of many revelations to come out of his tell-all memoir that’s sparked a furore.

There are signs the Duke’s decision to lay bare the most intimate details of his life has backfired in the US.

Patricia Bardaghaiw, 56, a novelist from Connecticut, told The Sun: “I didn’t like this sort of ‘truth’ — it is over-sharing.”

Referring to the Duke of Sussex’s recount of the frostbitten penis he suffered after his trip to the North Pole with Walking with the Wounded in 2011, she continued: “I could have done without the frozen penis. But that’s our society now.”

Marlon Bradford, 49, from Memphis, also said: “Harry should have recognised he’s not like the rest of us and not exposed all that dirty linen. It’s an ugliness we don’t really want to see, even though all families have that side to them. It’s made so many people uncomfortable.”

And Sheila Jones, a saleswoman from Danbury, Connecticut, said: “Meghan and Harry have destroyed the Royal Family.”

Washington-based commentator Nile Gardiner is also of the opinion that Harry’s oversharing has backfired: “I think the British public have turned Harry really into a pariah as a result of this very nasty book.

“Also in the United States as well, the popularity of Harry and Meghan has fallen significantly and I do think that Harry and Meghan definitely underestimated the level of backlash there was going to be against Spare.”

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