Prince Harry responds to claim he ‘sold out’ Royal Family .

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Prince Harry says he wouldn’t return to being a working royal

Prince Harry has responded to the claim he has “sold out” the Royal Family in his latest interview promoting his book, ‘Spare’. Prince Harry’s ABC News Live interview with Michael Strahan aired at 8.30pm EST on Monday (1.30am GMT on Tuesday).

Mr Strahan said to Prince Harry in the interview: “Some critics are gonna say, ‘well, you’re taking private struggles, and you’re making money off it, you’re getting paid from it.’

The presenter added: “It’s almost as if you’ve sold out your family.

Prince Harry responded by saying: “I’m sure that’s probably what some people think or what some people want to think.”

However, the Prince then took a pause while answering the question and appeared to be thinking out his answer.

Prince Harry continued after the pause: “For me, having seen my family and the institution’s part in constantly feeding the British press with lies, mistruths, disinformation, like the whole lot.

“Especially more so than ever over the last six years, and the damage that did to my wife at the time.

“The only way that I can stop that from happening, the only way I can protect us, the only way I can correct those mistruths, is by writing something, the truth, in one place without going through the same people they chose to go through,

“Otherwise, you are just feeding the beast. and I fully accept that is feeding the beast anyway, but, I’m left in a position where these mistruths need to be corrected.”

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