Prince Harry shock: Duke confesses real reason he and Meghan Markle visited Stanford

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Prince Harry revealed the reason why he and Meghan travelled from Canada to Stanford University when they were still full-time working royals. In a comment piece he penned for website Fast Company, the Duke of Sussex opened up on his views on online media and social media platforms, saying “the digital landscape is unwell”. 

Speaking about the background work he and Meghan have done before deciding to appeal to business leaders and investors in a bid to change the current digital landscape, the Duke of Sussex said he had the chance to discuss his views with experts and youngsters at Stanford University.

He said: “Around the world, for many reasons, we are at turning point—one that has the potential to be transformative.

“In all areas of life, a rebuilding of compassionate, trustworthy communities needs to be at the heart of where we go.

“And this approach must extend to the digital community, which billions of us participate in every day. 

“But it shouldn’t be punitive.

“When we do the right thing, when we create safe spaces both online and off—everyone wins. Even the platforms themselves.

“Meghan and I heard similar arguments made by humane tech leaders we convened at Stanford University earlier this year, by internet law experts, by neuroscientists, and most importantly by young people who have grown up in a fully connected world.”

Prince Harry and Meghan, who officially stepped down as senior royals in late March, were living in British Columbia with their son Archie when they jetted off to the US for a short trip in February.  

Royal commentators at the time noted how Stanford is closely linked to the tech industry due to its location, in the heart of the Silicon Valley, and its leading experts.

However, the fact that Meghan and Harry had never expressed an interest in the field left some royal experts puzzled over the reason behind their visit.


At the time, the couple were said to have conducted a few hours-long “brainstorming session” with a collection of professors. 

Others noted Stanford can also count on a leading Graduate School of Business, well-known for its non-for-profit track and argued Meghan and Harry’s working trip could be linked to the creation of their upcoming organisation, Archewell.

During their visit to Stanford, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex likely gathered the knowledge which pushed Harry to publicly push for a change in the online world of news and social media. 

In his open letter, Harry wrote: “We all need a better online experience.   

“We’ve spoken with leaders across the racial justice movement, experts in humane tech, and advocates of mental health.

“And the collective opinion is abundantly clear: We do not have the luxury of time.” 

Prince Harry also urged business leaders to use their power and money to demand social media platforms to abandon the conditions which helped hate, racism and fake news to thrive.

He wrote: “A little over four weeks ago, my wife and I started calling business leaders, heads of major corporations, and chief marketing officers at brands and organisations we all use in our daily lives.

“Our message was clear: The digital landscape is unwell and companies like yours have the chance to reconsider your role in funding and supporting online platforms that have contributed to, stoked, and created the conditions for a crisis of hate, a crisis of health, and a crisis of truth.”  

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