Prince Harry shows he’s ‘unfazed’ by Spare criticism with ‘calm state’

Prince Harry and Meghan ‘will face a proper grilling’ says Wyatt

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Prince Harry is “unfazed” by the criticism directed at his book Spare and instead remains in a “calm state of mind”, according to a body language expert. Darren Stanton shared his insight into the prince’s behaviour, noting he is not displaying any of his usual signs of anger or negative emotion but is “cool, calm and collected”.

The release of Spare lifted the lid on Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure from royal life and the rift between Harry, his brother Prince William and their father King Charles.

In spite of his family drama being played out in public Mr Stanton claimed that the Duke of Sussex “obviously feels very at peace in his life at the moment”.

Analysing Harry’s behaviour in a new promotional video for a charity project he said: “Sometimes when Harry gets angry or his emotions are getting the best of him, we will see his cheeks and lips flush red. When he is stressed, he blinks more and also flashes anger.

“In this piece, we see micro expressions of contradicting stages of emotions. He is most definitely in a calm state of mind, looking directly at the camera, which tells me he feels at ease.

“From this brief interaction, it does not appear that Harry is fazed over the criticism surrounding his book. He has quite clearly looked past the problems.”

Mr Stanton added: “Although he is a member of the Royal Family, he still possesses the same neurology and psychology as the rest of us.

“While he has shown clear emotions in the past, his baseline state in this clip is cool, calm and collected. He obviously feels very at peace in his life at the moment.”

The expert also drew comparisons between the prince and his late mother Princess Diana, as his desire to help people is a “quality Diana was well-known for”.

While Charles is reportedly eager to repair the relationship between his younger son and the rest of the family, William is thought to be less keen.

The Prince of Wales was accused of physically attacking his brother in a fight detailed in the book, as well as showing a dislike towards Meghan when Harry first introduced them.

It is not yet known whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will attend the King’s Coronation in May, although they are expected to be invited.

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There has been speculation that Harry will choose to attend alone, or that incentives have been offered to persuade him to come, such as being allowed to keep his royal titles.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who married Harry and Meghan in 2018 and will officiate the Coronation, has also apparently been approached to broker a peace deal between the brothers.

Harry has expressed his desire to reconcile with his family in interviews, although he has asked for privacy regarding those discussions.

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