Prince Harry slammed as example of ‘hypocritical privilege’

Prince Harry lookalike ‘endangered’ by Spare revelations

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An audience member blasted Prince Harry for “using” the media to “make money” as he labelled him an example of “hypocritical privilege” on a BBC flagship program. The Duke of Sussex has blamed the press for his mental health problems, the breakdown of his relationship with his family, and much more.

Expressing his anger over Harry’s remarks, an audience member said: “I think what we get here is an example of hypocritical privilege.

“He has been happy to accept everything that comes with his role, right the way through his life.

“He has criticised the media and said ‘I don’t want to do anything with them’ and now he is using them in his will to make money.

“I am sorry but that is just as low as he gets.”

During one of his interviews with Stephen Colbert, the Duke of Sussex claimed that the press has pushed “lies” that have been spread through some of the book’s leaks.

He said: “Without a doubt, the most dangerous lie that they have told, is that I somehow boasted about the number of people I killed in Afghanistan.”

He added that his “words are not dangerous” but the spin on his “words are very dangerous”.

The Duke of Sussex went on and further explained the reason behind sharing the experience from Afghanistan.

He said: “I made a choice to share because nearly spending two decades working with veterans all around the world, I think the most important thing is, to be honest, and give some space to others, to be able to share their experiences without any shame.

“My whole goal with sharing that detail is to reduce the number of suicides.”

Even at the end of the book, while describing a tense meeting with his father and brother after his grandfather Prince Philip’s funeral on April 17, 2021, Harry blamed the media for the breakdown of their relationship.

He wrote: “How lost we are, I thought. How far we’ve strayed.

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“How much damage has been done to our love, our bond, and why?

“All because a dreadful mob of dweebs and crones and cut-rate criminals and clinically diagnosable sadists along Fleet Street feel the need to get their jollies and plump their profits — and work out their personal issues — by tormenting one very large, very ancient, very dysfunctional family.”

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