Prince Harry slammed for using Diana’s legacy for own gain

King will be 'furious' about Harry's Netflix doc says Burrell

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Prince Harry has been accused of a “balant public grab” for the legacy of his late mother Diana Princess of Wales by a royal expert. Writing in the Daily Mail Richard Kay  gives having watched the first part of the series an accurate account and accused the Duke of Sussex of “bitter and wretched words” and an attempt to “monopolise” the memory of his mother as a justification for his actions.

He said: “Of all the bitter and wretched words uttered by Prince Harry, the saddest, surely, were those directed at the Royal Family.

“From the perceived coldness of Kate to airbrushing his father, he set about their reputations with the same icy disdain he accuses the royals of directing towards him.

“But perhaps the most telling moments of this self-serving exercise were those in which he monopolised the memory of his late mother as some sort of justification for his actions.

“Meghan and Princess Diana were ‘so similar’, he declared and like his mother, his wife had suffered at the hands of the paparazzi.”

Mr Kay added that footage of Diana was used in the first part of the miniseries in a blatant attempt to emphasis the similarities between her and both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

He said: “No opportunity to include references to the late Princess of Wales were missed.

“The first episode featured footage of a young William and Harry playing at a piano, accompanied by their parents alongside a soundtrack of Diana talking about her two sons.

“For Harry, the similarities with his mother are striking. ‘So much of what Meghan is and how she is, is so similar to my mum,’ he says in the documentary.

“‘She has the same compassion. She has the same empathy. She has the same confidence. She has this warmth about her.’”

However, Mr Kay argues that it is “sad” that the Duke doesn’t remember one of his mother’s “most attractive qualities” that she tried her best to treat both her sons equally despite the fact that William was much more likely to be a future King than Harry.

He said: “Indeed, whenever she felt that family attention was being directed too much at William the future king, she would make a point of including Harry.

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“Even the late Queen Mother was reprimanded on one occasion by the Princess, who was angered by the way the matriarch always wanted her oldest grandson at her side for family events, rather than Harry.

Mr Kay pointed out that the Prince of Wales may have a negative reaction to the way that his mother is mentioned it the documentary including attempts to link the Sussexes to her.

This comes up when the Duke declared that his mother made her decisions “from her heart” before declaring “I am my mother’s son.”

The documentary also makes use of Diana’s Bashir interview which William said should never be shown again following the revelation that Diana was duped into giving it.

Harry’s decision to include the Panorama documentary in the Netflix series demontrates the gap between the two brothers.,uk contacted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for comment. 

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