Prince Harry to destroy his place within the Royal Family ‘forever’ in quest for happiness

Prince Harry's memoir compared to resignation letter by expert

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Royal commentator Duncan Larcombe questioned why Prince Harry was choosing to come out with a memoir book. While speaking on GB News with Mark Dolan, Mr Larcombe warned this could spoil Prince Harry’s place in the Royal Family. He also questioned why the Duke always appeared to look so sad, despite getting what he wanted in a new life.

Mr Dolan questioned why Prince Harry was coming out to attack the Royal Family now.

He said: “Who do we blame for this?

“You are going to speculate about whether there is influence from his wife, you have profiled Prince Harry in your book in huge detail, what has happened to the guy.

“Has he changed? Do you recognise this individual?

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“This man who seems so angry, not just with his family but with his country”

Mr Larcombe answered: “No, I don’t recognise him and I don’t think members of his family, certainly his old friends don’t recognise him either.

“That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“We knew Harry, we loved Harry because he wore his heart on his sleeve, he was down to earth and he didn’t take himself too seriously.

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“Well, things have changed and maybe that is the influence of a new wife or maybe it is Harry just having the freedom to be himself.

“What I can tell you is for a guy who has gone to find a new world away from the unbearable binds of the Royal Family, I just wish he would tell his face.

“He just seems so depressed, Mark.”

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Mr Larcombe also considered what possible motives Prince Harry could have for this memoir book.

He said: “If this is part of some master plan to find happiness I am not sure he is going to find that.

“If this is a master plan to build their royal brand, I think this book is going to be the longest resignation letter in history.

“As it will mean Prince Harry’s place within the Royal Family will disappear forever.”

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