Prince Harry told ‘to take a step back’ after latest intervention sparks backlash

Prince Harry says he warned Twitter CEO ahead of January 6 riots

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Prince Harry’s intervention on misinformation and social media was met with a backlash this week. The Duke of Sussex spoke out about misinformation as a “global humanitarian crisis” during the RE:WIRED conference in New York. Historian and royal expert Dr Tessa Dunlop told Palace Confidential that it was time for Harry to “take a step back”.

She said: “In relation to Harry and Meghan, and this torturous to-ing and fro-ing with social media, I agree they need to take a step back.

“They’re clearly spending way too long scrolling. 

“There seems to be ambiguity around his messaging.

“I am fond of him and I think he could be better advised to steer clear of big issues like the First Amendment when it comes to social media.”

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Daily Mail’s Royal Editor Rebecca English told Palace Confidential that Harry’s speech “turned into one of his predictably boring and pedestrian diatribes about the media”.

The Daily Mail’s Diary Editor Richard Eden echoed this: “As always with Harry and Meghan, they say things that leave you very confused afterwards.”

He pointed to Harry’s claim about Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter. 

During his speech, the Duke said that he messaged Twitter’s CEO to warn him that his platform was being used to plot a “coup” ahead of the 6 January attack on the US Capitol.

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The prince was speaking as part of a panel at RE:WIRED’s 2021 conference that examined how misinformation on social media spreads lies, hatred and propaganda.

Mr Eden said: “He was sort of suggesting it was from his monitoring of social media, but they’ve previously said that they are boycotting social media.

“Sometimes it’s quite hard to keep up.”


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Rob Rinder responded to the Duke’s remarks on misinformation by pointing out that he signed a deal with Netflix, which spreads “misinformation” about the Royal Family with The Crown series.

On Good Morning Britain this week, Mr Rinder said: “I want to be clear, I like Meghan and Harry, her views might not be your cup of tea, fair enough.

“But my question is, if he’s worried about misinformation, what about the fact him and Meghan have taken a huge deal from Netflix and the misinformation about his late mother, Lady Diana, and they’ve taken millions of pounds.

“How is that OK, how is that consistent, or not ‘misinformation?”

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