Prince Harry urged to return to UK ‘the sooner the better’ despite Covid restrictions

Prince Harry ‘between rock and hard place’ in UK trip says expert

Prince Harry, 36, is due to return to the UK for the Queen’s birthday, Trooping the Colour. But royal commentator Hugo Vickers said the Duke of Sussex should come “sooner”. He claimed that Harry looks “unhappy” in LA after moving there with his wife, Meghan Markle.

Speaking to Palace Confidential on Mail+, Mr Vickers said: “I think Meghan has managed to in a very short time turn herself from somebody who was immensely popular into somebody who is really pretty unpopular.

“Prince Harry looks to me incredibly unhappy.

“He’s sitting there in LA spouting all this Californian rubbish and a podcast.

“I think it’s terribly sad.

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“I think the sooner he comes back the better but I can’t really see her coming back.

“But of course it’s a huge issue because they have a child and I don’t think it’s going to end well somehow.”

However a royal expert Russell Myers has claimed the Queen will want to “clip the wings” of Harry and Meghan, 39, as they become increasingly popular in the US.

He said Harry would not be banned from returning for major royal milestones but a deal “needs to work for both parties”.

Prince Harry ‘miserable’ about military titles says expert

Asked whether the Royal Family would ban Harry from returning for events, Mr Myers told Nine Honey: “I don’t think they will ban him from coming back.

“Harry is a very popular member of the family however they do want to clip their wings a little bit.

“They have launched this juggernaut persona, they’re very, very popular in the states.

“They’ve been signing these big-money deals and it needs to work for both parties.


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“I think that will be the main crux of these meetings that are coming up in the future.”

He added: “I think there’s a lot of water under the bridge.

“We have to remember that it was an absolute bombshell statement that they didn’t tell the Queen, they didn’t tell Charles or William – the senior royals.

“They completely blindsided them with their decision and I think tensions are still running pretty high with that, to be honest.”

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