Prince Harry was forced to ‘toughen up’ as he prepared for dream career – ‘He knew it’

A royal expert has revealed the gruelling routine Prince Harry put himself through in order to prepare for military college. In her book, ‘Harry: Conversations with the Prince’, Angela Levin told all of how the prince mentally and physically prepared for his time in Royal Military College, Sandhurst.

Ms Levin, author of several best-selling royal books, detailed the exhausting period of young Harry’s life.

She wrote: “Harry had dreamt of being a real solider in the British Army since he was two and now at last his chance had come.

“He knew that, like Eton, he had only been accepted by the skin of his teeth.

“Unlike him, more than 80 percent of his fellow officer cadets were university graduates.

“His age was a disadvantage too: at twenty he was a year or two younger than the rest and lacked the experience and maturity that comes from spending three years at university.

“As the course was aimed at graduates he was bound to struggle and he found it physically, emotionally and, what worried him most, academically challenging.

“Attending lectures and writing essays on subjects that included military history and international relations were compulsory, but unwelcome.

“He just hoped that his experience in Eton’s Combined Cadet Force, where he had been promoted to the highest rank of cadet officer, would count for something even though the overnight exercises and shooting at rifle ranges had been designed for schoolboys.

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“In a TV interview with Sky TV to mark his twenty-first birthday later that year he talked about how he tried to toughen himself up physically and mentally before the term started by doing some rugby coaching, and ‘I got my brain to work every now and again by doing some work experience with land management.

“‘I wanted to have fun during my last week but had to get my brain to work.

“‘Otherwise it would have been even more difficult.’”

Prince Harry served in the army for ten years, rising to the rank of Captain and undertaking two tours of Afghanistan.


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He passed his Regular Commissions Board (RCB) qualification in 2004, which allowed him to train at Sandhurst.

The Prince finally entered the Sandhurst academy in May 2005 after completing various work experiences to prove his worth and ability.

He made claim to the title of Officer Cadet Wales during the 44 weeks he spent at the training course.

Then, on January 25 2006, Clarence House announced that Harry was able to join the Blues and Royals.

His success there enabled him to be commissioned as an Army officer in April 2006.

In late 2006 he joined his regiment in Windsor, and became responsible for a small troop of 11 soldiers and four Scimitar reconnaissance vehicles.

In 2008, The Ministry of Defence confirmed that Harry had been serving with the British Army in Afghanistan for more than two months.

His service culminated in his being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant with The Household Cavalry in 2008, then going on to achieve the rank of Captain later on.

Several sources have claimed that military life “appealed” much more to Harry than the royalty he was born into.

Duncan Larcombe, journalist and royal expert, said: ““Harry may have accepted he was a royal, but as far as he was concerned, his military career had nothing whatsoever to do with his accident of birth.

“Being a prince and being an officer in the British Army were, in Harry’s mind, two totally separate entities.”

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