Prince Harry ‘won’t come to Coronation’ to ‘punish’ Royal Family

Angela Levin says Prince Harry is a ‘bad’ influence on children

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not come to the Coronation of King Charles to deliver yet another blow to the Royal Family, expert Kinsey Schofield forecasts. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex received their invite to the ceremony last week but have not confirmed whether they will attend or not. Schofield said skipping out on the Coronation could serve as the new act of their “punishing” campaign.

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The To Di For Daily host told “I don’t think we will see either one at the Coronation.

“I think that’s their way of punishing the Royal Family when, in reality, I’m not so sure that royal watchers wanted to see Harry and Meghan at the Coronation.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have suffered a considerable drop in support both in the UK and the US since stepping down as working royals in 2020.

However, the release of the couple’s documentary Harry & Meghan on Netflix, followed shortly after by the Duke’s memoir Spare, was met with extensive criticism from the public.

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Schofield noted Harry and Meghan had been working on their PR strategy long before quitting royal life but were being forced to reconsider their approach because of the negativity.

She said: “They’ve been strategizing this escape, they’ve been strategizing this brand build since before they officially left the Royal Family.

“It’s blown up in their face, it’s backfired and what we’re seeing right now are consequences of some really poor decisions.”

Schofield said the King himself had repeatedly given his son “the benefit of the doubt” but was now being forced to take on a firmer position to protect the Royal Family.

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She said: “Charles is notoriously soft-hearted, especially when it comes to Prince Harry.

“He has given them the benefit of the doubt over and over and over again.”

The royal expert suggested His Majesty could soon turn to royal precedent to best handle his youngest son and his wife’s tendency to overshare.

Schofield argued the King could adopt the same approach the Royal Family took with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor to manage their relationship with Harry and Meghan.

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Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson were mostly kept apart from the family after the king abdicated in 1936.

Charles’s grandfather, King George VI, attempted to keep his brother within the royal fold first as a member of the British Military Mission to France and later as Governor of the Bahamas.

But once Edward stepped down as Governor in 1945, relations between the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and the rest of the Royal Family were mostly limited to family occasions such as funerals.

Schofield added: “

What I’m seeing right now is Charles looking at the way Wallis and Edward were handled and saying, ‘you know what? That might be the right way to go.’

“We’re going to distance ourselves, we’re not going to give them a platform through us.”

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