Prince Harry’s behaviour ‘unbecoming of a born royal’

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The Duke of Sussex’s behaviour over recent months has been “unbecoming of a born royal’ after he made several “inflammatory and hypocritical remarks” about his family, a royal and etiquette expert told It comes as a source revealed that the couple will “definitely” be invited to King Charles’ coronation later this year.

Liza Mirza Grotta, an etiquette expert and royal correspondent, told that it is “time for Prince Harry to grow up” as she says his attendance at his father’s coronation could help him gain some reflection on his privileged life.

She said: “As the world turns, it’s not all about Harry. His new room with a view must look very different from his silver-spooned life of privilege.

“If he is to make peace with his family, his war of words must end.

“The changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace will continue without him, but those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.”

She added: “His behaviour, to say the least, is unbecoming of a born royal, especially the son of the King of England.”

Ms Grottz said the Duke of Sussex’s “inflammatory and hypocritical remarks” about his family during his recent press blitz to promote his new book, Spare, has shown him to be “anything but a loyal royal”.

She said: “Prince Harry’s gratitude metre has been non-existent since he fled the UK with his title but no royal duties.

“If he does attend his father’s coronation, perhaps the next few months will serve as a quiet reflection on his life, revealing the many blessings he already has.”

The California-based royals are yet to reveal whether they will attend the historic occasion.

But earlier this month, an unnamed source close to the Sussexes told the Daily Mail that they will “definitely” attend the historical event.

The source said: “Members of the family have told me that both Harry and Meghan will definitely come. They fully expect that.

“And they should realise that there is only one subject that many members of the royal family will be willing to discuss… and that’s the weather.”

If they choose to attend, it will be the couple’s first visit back to the UK since September 2022, when they returned to attend the One Young World Summit in Manchester and WellChild Awards in London.

It will also be their first appearance on UK soil since the release of their explosive Netflix documentary, Harry & Meghan, and the Duke’s new book, Spare.

In his ITV interview with the Telegraph, Harry demanded an apology from the Royal Family, although he did not explicitly link it to his attendance at the coronation.

Meanwhile, during his press blitz to promote his new memoir, the Duke also told ITV’s Tom Bradby that he hoped his family would be “willing to sit down” and talk about the ongoing rift.

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