Prince Harry’s critical and ‘destructive path’ sparks fears he will whine to media friends

Prince Harry: Expert says Duke is on a 'destructive path'

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Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliam highlighted what he perceives to be a growing problem with Prince Harry. During an interview with, Mr Fitzwilliams noted the Duke of Sussex was regularly seen publicly criticising the Royal Family. He added Harry has previously told his media friends, Omid Scobie and Gayle King about his relationship with the Royal Family.

Mr Fitzwilliams noted that this has sparked concerns that reconciliation could be more difficult.

Mr Fitzwilliams said: “The future depends on what happens.

“When Prince Harry was over for Prince Philip’s funeral, subsequent to that he is supposed to have seen the Queen at least twice.

“There is debate as to what was or was not said with Prince William and Prince Charles.

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The Royal expert noted that while there were moments where things were more optimistic of reconciliation, there is a worrying trend from Prince Harry.

He said: “The problem was that lead to the podcast and while we don’t know when it was filmed, it led to the Apple show with the interview on mental health.

“Prince Harry was extremely critical of his upbringing and continued this very destructive path when it comes to criticising the Royal Family publicly.

“What can you say to Prince Harry at the moment that isn’t going to go to Gayle King or Omid Scobie and have it repeated.

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“There is a real problem there.

“But of course, there are many other things, as far as the Royal Family is concerned, to worry about.”

Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti highlighted a similar point when discussing Prince Harry’s strained relationship with the Royal Family. 

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He told the Express: “I think it is inevitable that Meghan and Harry are going to do something else.

“They will do another show, another podcast or something that we are not expecting but has a similar effect.

“That is because they seem to have set out their agenda which is to keep themselves in the public eye.

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