Prince Harry’s devastating pre-Megxit royal warning to future wife Meghan Markle exposed

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new multi-million pound Netflix deal has sparked debate about the former working royals’ future once more. Royal biographer, Angela Levin, spoke to True Royalty TV’s Royal Beat about the Duke of Sussex’s warning to his future wife that almost predicted Megxit. She told viewers that the Duchess may not have fully understood the “huge disadvantages” of being in the Royal Family.

Ms Levin said: “Prince Harry told me himself that he told Meghan all about how the Royal Family would work, all the disadvantages.

“He’d had relationships before where he’d fallen in love and the woman couldn’t cope with the spotlight.

“But Meghan reassured him that she understood.

“There are great advantages of being in the Royal Family and huge disadvantages.”

Town and Country contributing editor, Victoria Murphy, also commented the couple’s decision to step back as senior royals.

She said: “I think Harry and Meghan were incredibly committed when they first became engaged and married to having a life within the Royal Family.

“I think Meghan was completely committed to that and she was committed to it because she completely fell in love with him.

“It’s a genuine love match really.”

Ms Murphy continued: “When you look back now sometimes it’s hard to sort of believe that it did unravel in the way that it did.

“But really they felt that it was just untenable for them to continue.

“Whether or not that’s right or wrong, people have different opinions on, but that’s how they felt about it.”

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The commentator added: “They really really were struggling to carry on as working royals.

“That’s why they’ve made this decision to break away.

“I think one of the big fundamental things for them when they wanted to break away was that they wanted to be financially independent.

“What they hated was this idea that they were publicly funded by the British taxpayer and therefore people had some right to claim, ‘we should be knowing what you’re doing, we can have an opinion on what you’re doing, we can have influence over what you do and say whether it’s right or wrong’ and they absolutely hated that.

“That’s what the bid for financial independence was all about.”

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