Prince Harry’s ‘failure’ to support Meghan Markle’s father Thomas deemed ‘baffling’

Thomas Markle was 'naive' before wedding says Lorraine

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Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas Markle Sr, was reportedly rushed to hospital on Monday night having suffered a potential stroke. Thomas was unable to speak and was forced to communicate via pen and paper when he was loaded into an ambulance in Mexico. The former lighting director has since been transferred to a hospital in California. 

Shortly after Thomas’ hospital admission, his eldest daughter, Samantha, called out the Duchess of Sussex for her perceived “negligence”.

Speaking on Dan Wootton Tonight on Wednesday, Samantha said: “None of us have heard from Meghan — that’s negligence.

“He’s been through so much. Two heart attacks, a pandemic and now a stroke.”

She requested that her half-sister stop “watching and doing nothing.”

Samantha added: “If she can’t find it in her heart, or have the moral conscience to step forward, then shame on her,” claiming that her father “doesn’t have a lot of time” left.

Thomas’ health scare means he is unable to make his planned trip to the UK for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next week. 

He was hoping to show his “respect for the Queen,” as well as potentially facilitating a reunion with his daughter and introduction to his son-in-law and grandchildren. 

Meghan and Thomas are understood to have not been in contact since her wedding to Prince Harry in 2018. 

Her father did not attend the Royal Wedding following a PR blunder in which Thomas staged paparazzi photos. 

He also revealed he had suffered a heart attack just a few days before his daughter’s big day. 

Richard Kay, royal expert and columnist, claimed Thomas was not well supported when Meghan became a member of the British Royal Family, and said Harry’s initial “failure” to support his new father-in-law was “baffling”. 

Writing for the Daily Mail on Wednesday, he said: “It seemed then [at the time of the Royal Wedding] — and it seems now — remarkable that proper efforts were not put in place to prepare Mr Markle for the news, providing an aide to brief him or better still flying him to London and accommodating him in a royal home where he could have acclimatised ahead of the wedding. 

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“But perhaps the most baffling failure of all was Harry’s. Even now, four years later, it is hard to understand why Harry did not meet his girlfriend’s father in person, as any prospective son-in-law would do. 

“There must have been countless opportunities for Harry (and Meghan) to have paid a private visit to her father — long before he started giving interviews.”

Thomas has taken part in multiple high-profile interviews with the media since the wedding.

He stated he will continue to do so until Meghan initiates contact. 

Thomas told Dan Wootton last month he would “love to reach out” to his daughter and her family, “speak with them and try to figure out what was wrong and how we can repair it.” 

His hospital admission has renewed pressure on the duchess to reconcile with her father. 

On Wednesday, Lorraine Kelly spoke about the status of Meghan’s relationship with Thomas on her ITV show. 

She said: “It’s really sad. I think he was incredibly naive, he was exploited before the wedding, it has to be said.

“I think maybe it’s time to mend some of those bridges.

“You don’t ever know what goes on in families and it’s very easy on the outside to judge.

“But it just seems very sad if he’s so sick I’m sure she’d want to see him and send him her love.”

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