Prince Harry’s memoir made Royal Family ‘stronger and more respected’

Prince Harry: Spare becomes fastest selling non-fiction book

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Prince Harry made a series of bombshell claims against the Royal Family in his memoir Spare resulting in his popularity among Britons plummeting. Despite attacking the Firm in his tell-all book, the Duke of Sussex has not weakened the Monarchy, according to a new poll of readers.

A royal biographer claimed the clashes between Harry and members of the Royal Family could “mark the beginning of the end of the Monarchy”. Catherine Mayer told the Guardian that debate on the future of the British Monarchy is “important, given the lack of trust in the state at the moment”.

However, a marketing expert has claimed that Harry could be strengthening support for the Firm. Pauline Maclaran, Professor of Marketing and Consumer Research at the School of Business and Management at Royal Holloway, University of London, said: “[Harry and Meghan] seem to be contesting [the Crown’s power], but we’ve seen the Crown continue and become stronger.”

She continued: “[The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s attacks] could strengthen the Crown. I think that is because it is so under attack that it has mobilised a lot of people in Britain to feel sorry for Charles, William, Kate and Camilla. I think it has generated a lot of sympathy for them.”

The Firm has put on a united front in response to Harry’s claims with Buckingham and Kensington Palace choosing to remain silent.

In a set of polls that ran from 5:30pm on Monday, January 9, to 3:30pm on Monday, January 16 asked readers their thoughts on Meghan and Harry since the publication of Spare.

First, asked: “Have Harry and Meghan weakened the Monarchy?”

Overall, 11,777 readers responded with the vast majority, 81 per cent (9,529 people) answering “no” Meghan and Harry have not weakened the British Monarchy.

Meanwhile, 16 per cent (1,925 people) said “yes” they have and a further three per cent (323 people) said they did not know.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams said that Harry once held “a special place in the nation’s heart” but that he had seen his popularity decline in the last three years, since stepping back as a senior royal with his wife Meghan Markle.

He told “I see absolutely no way that they will regain any popularity, let alone their former popularity, after the series of vitriolic attacks they have launched at the Royal Family, especially in the interview on Oprah and in Spare.”

A recent YouGov survey of 1,691 Britons between January 10 and 11, following the publication of Spare, has shown the Duke of Sussex’s favourability score to fall to a record low of -44.

Next, asked: “Can Harry and Meghan regain UK support?” A total of 11,796 readers cast their votes for this question with the overwhelming majority, 96 per cent (11,299 people) responding “no” the couple cannot regain support in the UK.

Whereas two per cent (294 people) said “yes” they can, and two per cent (203 people) said they did not know.


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Hundreds of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers shared their thoughts on the Sussexes.

The resounding argument was that the Monarchy had been strengthened by Harry’s claims, with username Paula_Boo writing: “No Harry has not weakened and will not weaken our Royal Family, they have survived worse.”

Username Roflower said: “No, the Sussex duo, unfortunately for them, have made the Monarchy stronger, and, themselves weaker.”

Another, username Jojolegs, added: “This has made the Royal Family stronger than ever.”

Similarly, username NWO3 commented: “They have made the Royal Family more valued and respected!”

And username Bye and thanks for all the fish said: “They’ve actually made it stronger and more respected in the way the Royal Family has dealt with Harry and Meghan.”

However, some argued the Firm had been weakened, with username Mr. AlwaysRight writing that Spare had “completely damaged the Monarchy”.

Username Will-l am Not added: “To some degree, yes.”

Meanwhile, other readers commented on the Sussex’s popularity in the UK, with username Made in Britain claiming: “They will never be wanted back by the people of this country.”

Similarly, username pookum wrote: “They can never return to royal duties. Harry must be removed from the line of succession.”

Username R Nichols remarked: “They have only isolated themselves.”

And username MoreSense wrote that it was “too late” for the couple to regain support in Britain, adding that “they have gone too far”.

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