Prince Harry’s new ‘secret’ US interest exposed – ‘he’s getting into it’

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Royally US presenters Christine Ross and Christina Garibaldi were surprised after an image of Prince Harry at the Super Bowl emerged as they were unaware the UK royal had an interest in the American game. Ms Ross said while the NFL had a fan base in the UK it was nowhere near the size of football or rugby and was taken back that Prince Harry chose to watch. Ms Garibaldi also remarked it was “nice to see” Prince Harry still had a close relationship with Princess Eugenie who was also seen at the sporting event with him.

Speaking on Royally US, Ms Garibaldi discussed the image of Prince Harry at the Super Bowl and analysed its importance.

Ms Garibaldi said: “Prince Harry made a surprise appearance at the 2022 Super Bowl in Los Angeles with his cousin… I mean, I think we’re pretty surprised to see Harry at the big game?”

Ms Ross replied: “I was really surprised… the NFL has kind of a big following in the UK, I mean obviously not as big as like football or rugby.

“But even my husband who’s British is a big football fan, American football fan.

“So I love that I think Harry’s kind of a secret… I bet he’s getting into it. You know, there’s a big game they watch at their house.

“I loved seeing Eugenie with Harry, really kind of showing that he’s still in touch with his family that he still has these close relationships with his cousins.

“And of all the people you that you saw photos of at the Super Bowl that was not what I was expecting.”

Ms Garibaldi reminded listeners that Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie have had a close relationship for “quite some time” and was happy to see them continue that.

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The royal pair watched the game and donned face masks throughout.

They were snapped during the game sitting in their luxury box and the NFL UK Twitter account shared the picture on their account, writing: “Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie in the house at #SBLVI.”

The game also featured a half-time show featuring Dr Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Mary J Blige, Kendrick Lamar and surprise guest 50 Cent.

Following the game, Prince Harry got his hands on the Super Bowl trophy in the Rams’ locker room and he rubbed shoulders with their billionaire owner Stan Kroenke.

The Duke of Sussex took off his mask as he congratulated the players and coaches after their victory.

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Some royal commentators believed Princess Eugenie’s appearance in the US could be a troublesome sign for the unity of the Royal Family.

Palace Confidential host Jess King remarked whether Princess Eugenie may be considering a move to the US following her trouble back home with Prince Andrew.

Mail on Sunday reporter Charlotte Griffiths said she would be “wise to”.

Feature writer Guy Adams also believed it could be a smart decision as there was a history of royals making a decent living in America.

Mr Adams made reference to Sarah Ferguson and said Princess Eugenie may be “putting out some feelers” to see what she could do.

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