Prince Louis spotted gifting Paddington drawing to mum Kate

Prince Louis and Camilla chat as they leave church

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The adorable prince was spotted giving a touching drawing of Paddington Bear to his mother Kate, Princess of Wales so she could show it to a young royal fan. Prince Louis took Sandringham by storm on Sunday as he joined many members of the Royal Family for service on Christmas morning.

After he and his family left St Mary Magdalene Church, the boy took part in a walkabout alongside Kate, Prince William and his elder siblings to meet some of the royal fans who waited for hours outside of the chapel.

One royal watcher caught the child on camera as he spotted a beautiful drawing of Paddington standing next to a post letterbox.

The artwork had been given by a royal fan to Lt. Colonel Johnny Thompson.

In the video, Louis can be seen extending his arm towards Lt. Col. Thompson, who dutifully hands over the picture.

The boy then passes it on to his mum as she was speaking to a young girl in a pink coat.

Kate looked at the drawing for a few seconds before showing it to the child she was speaking to.

Kate, who in the past has been dubbed the Children’s Princess by royal fans for her natural aptitude towards youngsters, is later shown leaving with the drawing under her arm while holding Prince Louis by his hand.

Paddington became tightly associated with the Royal Family after the fictional character was featured in a skit with Queen Elizabeth II, which was released at the beginning of the Party at the Palace concert in June to the delight of young and old fans.

Royal fans on Twitter were left stunned by Louis’s adorable behaviour, with one fan account of the Wales family, @lovefamilywales, calling him a “thoughtful little boy”. 

Twitter user @actorswhisperer wrote: “This is my Christmas favourite, Col. Johnny carrying the Paddington drawing and the charmer Louis taking care of the public! It can’t get better!”

A third, @britishgirl99, added: “What a sweet and caring young fellow”.

And @caramelloann1, praising the Wales family, added: “Such a gorg, genuine, down to earth & caring family.”

Later during the walkabout, Louis was seen receiving a gnome with a pointed hat from a royal fan, who also gave the same gift to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The royal supporter, 42-year-old Gemma Clark, described the boy as “cheeky” after meeting the young royal. 

Speaking of her encounter with the Waleses, the royal well-wisher said: “I love them to bits, especially the children, the children are amazing.

“Prince Louis – I love Louis. He’s always cheeky, that Louis is, but I love him.”

The four-year-old seemed to enjoy meeting kind royal fans – some of whom wished him a Merry Christmas – to the point he lost track of his family and remained a few metres behind.

Another fan caught Louis on camera as, after realising his siblings and parents had walked away, he ran after them while carrying a gnome and a small bouquet of flowers.

He was later seen donating the flowers to Charlotte. 

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