Prince Philip engaged in furious ‘battle’ with Queen’s mother for ‘influence’ over monarch

Prince Philip role felt ‘squashed’ by Queen Mother says expert

Prince Philip ended up in a “battle” with his mother-in-law during the early years of the Queen’s reign, according to several royal commentators. The Duke of Edinburgh was foiled by the Queen Mother at every turn when he tried to exert “influence” over his wife. Royal commentators discussed the royal’s search “to find an identity as consort” on Channel 5 documentary, ‘Prince Philip: The Bachelor Years’.

Historian Professor Kate Williams said: “Philip finds his role of consort as being squashed by his mother-in-law.

“Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother wanted to stay in Buckingham Palace.

“She wanted to have a role of influence over her daughter.

“What you start to see happening during the early reign of Queen Elizabeth is that there really becomes this battle between Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.”

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She continued: “He has ideas about changing the Royal Family, and she wanted everything to stay exactly the same.

“It was the beginning of a very very difficult period in his life.

“Philip sees himself as a modernising force within the Royal Family.

“But he was frustrated by resistance from powerful figures within the Palace.”

While initially hoping to stay close to her daughter, the Queen Mother was later forced to relocate with her youngest daughter, Princess Margaret, to Clarence House.

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Author Dr Anna Whitelock added: “Philip has to work out what he is going to do as there is no job description with the role of consort to a Queen.

“Prince Albert was the last, nearly 100 years earlier to Victoria.

“He has to find a role for himself, he has to find an identity as consort, it’s not prescribed.”

The Duke of Edinburgh spearheaded efforts to modernise the Royal Family, going as far as convincing the Queen to participate in a 1969 BBC documentary to offer the public insight on the daily lives of the royals.

After being broadcast once, the Queen ordered the film to be archived and was never shown again.

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The Duke has now been the longest-serving royal consort in British history.

He assumed the role when his wife succeeded the throne in 1952.

Philip was also forced to leave active military service as a result.

At the time he was just about to be promoted to the rank of commander.

He was then formally made a British prince in 1957.

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