Prince Philip ‘joyfully’ accepted chance to be away from Queen ‘Free to be his own man’

Prince Philip: Gyles Brandreth discusses first ‘solo mission’

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The moment Prince Philip got the opportunity to embark on a solo journey to unexplored Commonwealth countries by the Royal family, he accepted the invitation with much joy. Prince Philip, being an alpha male and a former commander of Royal Naval, found his solace in these trips.

Martin Palmer, former religious advisor to Prince Philip said: “I think one of the epoch moments for Prince Philip was 1956, when he was asked and joyfully accepted the invitation to travel.”

Gyles Brandreth, a Royal biographer and author said: “It was, in a sense, his first solo-mission. Going to parts of the Commonwealth that no member of the Royal family had ever visited before.”

‘Whilst the Queen was kept busy with affairs of state, Philip acted as her envoy in far-flung corners of the globe.

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Prince Philip said in the documentary: “I’ve been round the world and covered nearly 40,000 miles since the 15th October last year.

Mr Palmer further added: “I think that tour is pivotal, because that when he found himself again. He loved this trip and he was free. Free to grow a beard. Free to be his own man.”

Kitty Kelley, an author wrote in her 1997 book The Royals: “His trip to Australia became a sensitive issue for biographers who tried to investigate what happened and for friends who tried to defend him against scurrilous allegations.”

There was an infamous rumour about Philip having a daughter he had an alleged affair with.

Prince Philip: Gyles Brandreth discusses first ‘solo mission’

Ms Kelley said: “Even a devout monarchist like Barbara Cartland who revers the royal family, talks about a secret love affair that she learned of from Philip’s uncle Lord Mountbatten.

“‘I know all about Philip’s illegitimate daughter in Melbourne,’ she told an interviewer, Kelley claimed in The Royals, ‘but I’m not going to talk about it.’”

However, Prince Philip love affairs were not only rumoured to Australia but various Commonwealth ports toured. 

“The stories of Philip’s women and his trysts were as many and varied as his ports of call.


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Brian Hoey, an royal author reported: “‘A couple of lady typists were flown out to join the boat in Singapore.

“‘It was said they didn’t do too much typing. They weren’t the type.”

Ms Kelley continued: “The rumours dogged Philip from Melbourne to Sydney to Singapore, but as the Queen’s husband he carried a certain immunity.

“No one could touch him without harming her, and no one in Great Britain, not even Republicans, wanted to harm the Queen, who, in 1956, was still considered inviolate.

“So despite his protestations… Philip enjoyed a freewheeling life away from the Palace.”

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