Prince Philip ‘put pressure’ on Charles to marry Diana and tried to fix their marriage

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During the Royally Obsessed podcast, commentator Roberta Fiorito and royal author Ingrid Seward discussed the Duke of Edinburgh’s relationship with Princess Diana. Ms Seward stated that Prince Philip looked after Diana and welcomed her into the Royal Family at the beginning of her relationship with Prince Charles. 

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Ms Fiorito said: “We wanted to ask you about some of the key relationships that Prince Philip has had over his life.

“Somewhat controversial is the one with Princess Diana, her union to Charles came as a result of Prince Philip putting pressure on him to marry.

“Philip was originally pro-Diana then frustrated, then marriage councillor.

“How did things end? Can you talk about that relationship?”

Ms Seward replied: “Because Diana was a newcomer and Prince Philip remembers being a newcomer himself, he always welcomes everyone new into the family really well.

“He would have done with Meghan and as he did very much so with Diana and obviously Kate.

“Diana was so young, she was only 19 when she met Prince Charles so Philip did really look after her.”

She added: “When the marriage started to go wrong he helped her.


“He wrote a series of really interesting letters to her to try and act as marriage council even though he had never done it before.”

Prince Charles demonstrated a major “red flag” during a chat regarding his engagement to Princess Diana, according to a royal commentator.

During Channel 5’s documentary ‘Diana – the interview that shocked the world’, Bidisha Mamata analysed a short clip of Prince Charles and Princess Diana discussing their engagement.

The royal couple was asked: “I suppose you are in love?”


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Princess Diana said: “Of course.”

The Prince of Wales replied: “Whatever in love means.”

Ms Mamata said regarding the incident: “If you are a woman watching that you are like ‘red flag, red flag, run like the wind’.”

She added: “It turned out he was having a full-blown love affair with someone else.”

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