Prince Philip’s gallant move to avoid wardrobe malfunction – ‘He went towards my breasts!’

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Former What Not To Wear co-host Susannah Constantine recently recalled the mortifying incident, which took place during the 1980s. Ms Constantine was invited to a dinner party at Windsor Castle when she was dating Princess Margaret’s son Viscount David Linley.

She recalled: “I was at a dinner at Windsor Castle, as one is, and sat between Prince Philip and, I think, Prince Edward, in a beautiful dress which my father had got me.

“I didn’t notice anything and Prince Philip turned towards me and kind of went towards my breasts.

“I thought, ‘What the hell is he doing?’

“And I realised that the straps had broken and my bosoms were on display to the entire room.

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“A butler came along with a safety pin and recovered my modesty.”

The Duke of Edinburgh, she added, “was trying to help, absolutely” and likely made this incident less embarrassing by immediately jumping to action.

Ms Constantine, who dated Viscount Linley for eight years, spoke about the royal dinner party during BBC Radio’s Woman’s Hour.

The Queen may have heard Ms Constantine recalling this story as she is said to be a regular listener of the show.

The monarch recently paid tribute to the programme by issuing a personal statement.

She wrote: As you celebrate the 75th year, it is with great pleasure that I send my best wishes to the listeners and all those associated with Woman’s Hour.

“During this time, you have witnessed and played a significant part in the evolving role of women across society, both here and around the world.

“In this notable anniversary year, I wish you continued success in your important work as friend, guide and advocate to women everywhere”.

The statement was issued from Windsor Castle, where the Queen is spending the third national lockdown in the company of Prince Philip and a few members of their staff.

The Queen and Prince Philip arrived at their Berkshire residence on March 19, days before the first lockdown, and have spent there the most part of 2020.

While in Windsor, the Queen has continued to carry out her day-to-day royal duties – including receiving the Government’s red box and holding weekly meetings with the Prime Minister, albeit remotely.

Embracing technology, the monarch is also carrying out virtual engagements, much like her younger relatives.

But the Queen hasn’t completely renounced to carry out face-to-face visits throughout the pandemic.

In June, she stepped out in the castle’s Quadrangle to attend a streamlined Trooping the Colour parade.

One month later, she received Captain Sir Tom Moore, who recently died, to knight him following his heroic fundraising efforts for the NHS.

And between October and November, she stepped out of the castle to visit Porton Down and pay tribute to the fallen during Remembrance Week.

Prince Philip, who hasn’t been a working royal since August 2017, has also stepped out of Windsor Castle, and retirement during 2020.

Most notably, the 99-year-old Duke of Edinburgh met members of the Rifles when he relinquished his military patronage and passed it on to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

But he also issued two statements paying tribute to teachers and key workers from every field for keeping Britain running during the lockdowns.

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