Prince William and Harry rebuked as Diana’s butler slams feud

Princess Diana 'wouldn't be proud' of rift says Paul Burrell

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Prince William and Prince Harry were just 15 and 12 when their mother, Princess Diana died in August 1997. The once-close brothers have had a strained relationship for a number of years and are reportedly no longer on speaking terms. Tensions heightened between the two Princes when Harry decided to step down as a senior working royal in 2020. Speaking on TalkTV, Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell told the channel that Diana “wouldn’t be proud of the fact” that her sons are reportedly not speaking and are involved in an ongoing feud.

Speaking of the ongoing feud, Mr Burrell said: “It is very sad and that rift is enormously sad for the people who care about William and Harry.

“I still care about both [of] those boys.

“Watching them grow from tiny babies into fine young men and watching them go out into the world, Diana would be so proud of that.”

He added: “What she wouldn’t be proud of, is the fact that they’re not speaking and that they are oceans apart.

“She thought they were joined at the hip, for the rest of their lives.”

Speaking of the 25th anniversary of Diana’s death, which took place on Wednesday, Mr Burrell said: “It’s an intensely private moment for the boys.

“I think they will be commemorating their mother by speaking to their children.

“[And] telling them how wonderful Granny Diana was.”

“That will be William and Harry’s contribution.”

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Speaking earlier this year, Harry told NBC Today that he has felt his mother’s “constant” presence “over the last two years, more so than ever before”.

When asked by host Hoda Kotb if he told his three-year-old son, Archie, about his late grandmother, Harry replied: “Yes, very much.

“I don’t tell him all the stuff that happened, but certainly that this is grandma Diana and we have a couple of pictures up in the house.”


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Speaking about his mother in the ‘Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy’ documentary, Diana’s eldest son William recalled how he “constantly” tells his children about their “Granny Diana”.

The Duke said he wants his children to “know who she was and that she existed”, adding that, like Harry, he has “got more photos up around the house now of her”.

And the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid a loving tribute to the late Princess of Wales by naming their only daughter Charlotte Diana.


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