Prince William and Harry rift ended as Royal Family Christmas video calls are laid bare

Prince William and Harry are 'fiercely competitive' says insider

The Duke of Cambridge and his brother have allegedly put their purported differences aside during Christmas as they exchanged presents. Royal Correspondent Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight that the brothers’ relationship is now “a lot better” following reports of a rift.

Ms Nicholl said: “There were phone and video calls over the Christmas and New Year holiday and the Sussexes sent presents to the Cambridges and vice versa.

“It was an opportunity in an otherwise very busy and chaotic year for both of the families to come together and connect, albeit virtually.

“Things are a lot better between William and Harry. If you go back a year at that stage, these brothers were barely on talking terms.”

The royal expert explained that William had been angry over Prince Harry’s way of quitting royal life.

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She said: “When William went to the Sandringham Summit, he was so angry with his brother.

“He couldn’t even face going to that lunch with the Queen.

“He only went for the meetings, such was his frustration and feeling of disappointment about what his brother had done and how Harry was handling the situation.”

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, announced last year their intention to step down from their roles as senior royals.

The unexpected announcement preceded a series of meetings with the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince Williams where the royals tried to hash out a deal for the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex to work independently from the Firm.

Their abrupt departure led to speculation that Harry and Meghan may not be on good terms with William and Kate Middleton.

But according to Ms Nicholl, the two brothers’ relationship has rapidly improved over the festive season.

She said: “Fast forward to today, the relationship is much better than it was.

“For a start, they are on talking terms, and not only on talking terms, they do speak relatively regularly.

“They were very much in touch over the holidays.

”But there is an ocean between them, there is a time difference and as Harry [has] said… they are two brothers on different paths.”

Harry has also been in touch with his father, the Prince of Wales, who had a health scare early last year when he contracted coronavirus.

According to the royal expert, Harry also talks to the Queen “on a regular basis,” adding Her Majesty “is always delighted to see Archie on video calls and it’s very important to her that she touches base with Harry.”

Ms Nicholl added: “The Queen has kept in close contact with Harry and Meghan for the past year.

“She’s in touch with them, she knows what’s going on in their lives, they discuss their plans with her.

“Harry has always seen his grandmother as a mentor and while he might be in LA, that hasn’t changed.”

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