Prince William ‘desperate’ for university success despite claim he ‘didn’t want to be’

Kate Middleton and Prince William visit University of St Andrews

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His visit to Scotland, where he is also known as the Earl of Strathearn, did not appear to have been received well by some critics. Royal broadcaster Dr Tessa Dunlop wrote an article for Mail+ where she described William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge’s Scottish tour as being “vanilla.” She wrote: “I wasn’t optimistic.”Even with a Scottish moniker – the Earl and Countess of Strathearn – there’s no hiding the overt Englishness of this ‘vanilla’ couple crafted in the Home Counties and educated in southern public schools.

“Regardless, young William headed north to address the General Assembly as the Queen’s appointed Lord High Commissioner, before his English rose joined him for a Highland jaunt.”

William – who is also the Lord High Commissioner for the General Assembly for the Church of Scotland – gave an opening speech at the church’s ceremony and said: “One day, it will be my responsibility to swear my own oath to maintain and preserve the security and independence of the Church of Scotland.

“This convention signifies the mutual respect, tolerance, and understanding that has characterised the relationship between the Sovereign and the Kirk over the past three hundred years.”

The criticism comes following the independence debate surrounding a second referendum on whether Scotland should remain in the UK.

Aside from the criticism, William and Kate also got the opportunity to visit the place where they first met – the University of St Andrews.

Unearthed reports recently surfaced that suggested that the Duke of Cambridge wanted to leave university at one point but changed his mind because he went to a charity fashion show and saw Kate Middleton in her iconic dress.

In the documentary Prince William & Catherine: A Royal Love Story, royal commentator, Duncan Larcombe said that despite the Duke’s academic achievements, he had to be convinced to stay by his father Prince Charles.

Mr Larcombe said: “From Prince William’s point of view his decision to go to uni quite quickly became a nightmare for him and he almost nearly dropped out.

“To a point where he was speaking to his advisers and said, ‘I do not want to be here, I do not want to carry on with this course, and again this was in a period when the press gave them their space so that they could carry on with their education.”

However, in the 2006 book ‘William’s Princess’ author Robert Jobson appeared to have debunked these claims.

He wrote: “Unlike his university contemporaries – perhaps Kate included – who all desperately needed to attain a good grade to help them with their chosen future career, there was for the prince only personal pride at stake.

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“Whether he got first class honours, a 2:1, or scraped through with a third was pretty irrelevant as far as his career path to kingship was concerned.

“Sandhurst, a commission in a regiment and the fast-track into royal duties would follow on from graduation regardless of whatever the University of St Andrews examination boards thought of his final performance.

“But William, a proud and intelligent young man, was desperate for academic success.

“He was determined not to perform poorly – an eventuality that would inevitably have been met by howls of derision from certain corners of the media and public.

“William, probably the most academically gifted member of the Royal Family in recent times (a comment that some may think damns with faint praise), was not about to let anybody down, least of all himself.”

The Duke of Cambridge finished university with a 2:1 degree in Geography.

This was echoed by Kate’s 2:1 degree from the University of St Andrews, in Art History.

Today, the couple have managed to power-grab social media which they are using to give fans more of an insight into their private lives.

They also celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in April.

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