Prince William embarrassment: Princess Diana’s cheeky surprise left young royal red-faced

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Royal commentator Roya Nikkhah reflected on the close relationship Princess Diana had with Prince Harry and Prince William before her tragic passing. While on True Royalty TV with Kate Thornton, Ms Nikkhah revealed a hilarious prank that left Prince William stunned with embarrassment. She argued this only reiterated the care-free nature of the two Duke’s relationship with their mother before her death.

Ms Thornton asked: “What would life have been like for the young Princes with Diana and Charles as young parents?”

Ms Nikkhah replied: “The Princes have certainly, in recent years, talked a lot about how happy those first few years were.

“They would talk about the very happy memories they have of being here with their mother of practical jokes.”

Ms Nikkhah highlighted a particularly embarrassing practical joke Princess Diana played on Prince William.

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She continued: “There was a time when William came home from school and Diana arranged to have Naomi Campbell standing on the stairs.

“This was because Naomi was pinned on William’s pinboard and Diana knew this would embarrass him.

“I think by all accounts, although the Princess of Wales later had a very unhappy time in her marriage, she was always very determined to keep the home life for William and Harry as nurtured and happy as possible.

“We all know, because we talked about it and have listened about it over the years, that Prince William and Harry had the most extraordinary close bond with their mother until her death.

“That was all founded during home time here in Kensington Palace.”

The True Royalty TV host also reflected on how the Duke of Cambridge may feel towards Kensington Palace now as an adult.

She said: “I often wonder how the boys view this place now.

“I certainly wonder this about William who uses this place as his main family residence.

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“At the time of Diana’s death, those gates were covered in a sea of flowers.

“I don’t think anybody walks up that famous path and thinks of anything but that.

“This is despite the centuries of history that sit behind these walls.”

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